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Sunday, June 12, 2011

.full stop don't run, comma runs.

Sigh and another sigh, life is awful..
Thing just never run smoothly.

First: I sprained my leg last night, it is paining for nobody's business for I don't know what reason. And now I'm walking like an OKU.. God! Starting to panic already, please recover soon. =(

Then: Relationship comes into a big big dilemma. Friends and love just never get balance.

After all, every tiny little bit of thing is causing more and more problems, to me. Life crushed into love at a point of time and hate at another point of time.. But now all I wish is a thing, but that will never realise. So life is really so fucked-up as quoted by Alvin.

How I wish I can put a red light on life right now. Depressed!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

.Happiee Burfday Yee.

Happy Birthday girl!
10.06.11 is just your day.

stay kawaii des.=DDD

signing off.
click here for a video made for her. =p

Monday, June 06, 2011

.nothing but merely rest.

Most people think I am strong. In fact, I am fragile and was only trying to be one.

I found that I've seriously lost some friends here and there. Yet, I truly wish you happy ever after.
Then, good luck for the downturn life i'm currently living.

Exhausted to the max right now. One whole day of rest for today is all I need.

MIA mode on. Please do not contact me.

Signing off.
dot. dot.. dot...

Friday, June 03, 2011

.imprisoned inside me is a secret.

“Don’t tell anyone who I am.”

If this is something that Spiderman says to Mary Jane after she discovers his secret identity, it makes perfect sense. He has to keep his secret to protect his loved ones, and he probably doesn’t want his friends knowing that he spends his evenings prancing around the city in colored spandex.

As to me, I'm placing a thick thick veil to the secret mission I'm currently on to. Give me a week time to realise the mission and by then, mission impossible would have to place a green light changing it to mission possible! =D
It's late late night right now, blogging had became my good friend at this hour. Good issue ain't it?

Time will come and everything will be revealed. I'm proud with myself whenever I felt that I'd done with what I suppose to do, what I'm born to do, what I'm fated to do..
Do my role, that's what matter. and I know you're wondering wtftootootrain am I saying right now. All I can tell, you don't have to know! haha.

Goodluck and Goodnight. =)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

.loving under dilemma.

The whole world is under dilemma right now.
I.. Me.... Myself....... Him.. Her..... and Them...............................

At this moment of time, which is the peak season to love for peoples around me; we, as the observers, found that love from others tend to create dilemma to another.

Years of established friendship ruined thanking to relationship between the male and the female. I know human grows and eventually enters into relation, but please control, thus not letting your happiness paid on the sorrowness of another.

Anyway, we may avoid suffering and sorrow, but we cannot learn, feel, change, grow or love. So, conclusion is facing the fact is what we should be doing? Alleluyah!
The eye on sky, smack some passion into us. Stop challenging we human being..

Define the four letter word, love..
Love creates hate at the same time? I seriously wonder for my whole life being a being.

Is it that tough to remain balance between love and friendship? You answers it!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

.with friends like this, why do we need enemies? ♥.

.27th of May Two-O-One-One.

Another chapter of life begun from the continuation of the bond between us.

The journey starts with the planning of the outing since a couple of months ago after much failures. Indeed, at the end, fruits grow as the result of our long established care and love. ♥

We randomly popped into Pastamania for lunch due to hunger of Susan and Casey.
Of course, we, being we, took out our cameras and start snapping every little bit of everything.

Button on camwhore-mode had been switched on!

Let's start with a creepy look of me.

Susan with her hot choco-brownies.

& her menu




Done with the lunch and [next] will be ...

The Green'box! =D
Sing til Our Lungs Out @ Greenbox, AEON

Feeling of awesomeness still present while updating and I can't stop myself from not taking dinner and continue blogging!
Tell me you're in love with us at the end of the post.

Shall I continue ...

.The mini Goofy from Disneyland. =)

.he's always a seducer!.
ps: pls don't fall in love with him, or you'll hate him more than you ever loved him (he quote)

Attn: Please do not try this @ home.

Sorry Ivan for the punching and kicking all these years. That's the way I express my faith to you.. Buahaha!

.so here's your D, piak. =)

.that's what we normally practices in ktv. we're uptown kids.

Some group photos.





The chapter is still long, so get a nice popcorn and continues scrolling slowly. =)
Note: New character, Elene will be popping into the story.

WE continue exploring after the fun singing session to the Port of Klang, 八号桥 a.k.a. Tanjung Harapan.

.Ivan,Adrian with 4 mini-dwarfs.

.Van, Piang and San.

.D, Susan & Peng.

Sorry Susan for the banging of your boobs inside the spongebob car. and thankyou for making my little bratha a mini-helicopter fan. =D

Wee wang wang.....
Camera ready for snaps!

.the 3 handsomes.

.morning exercise class by Elene. =)


.i'm on a ride! thanks and sorry Ivan. =P

This is why I always say Port Klang is the right place when you bring the right person there with you.

Time for some LOVE Dramas' ♥

.the One.

.will you like marry me?

.I DO! (salivas splashes)

ended up

.love triangle.

This is why I'm not involved in relationship yet. Love is complicated.

Back to friends, they are more practical for now!

Get ready for a little bit of stunning actions.. =)

.popping me.

.hovering on air.

.epic failed

Friendship is like pissing your pants,
everyone can see it, but only YOU
can feel it's true warmth. ♥

Who will be the next Klang top model?
I'm Purple, vote for me at 017 xxx 8508! =D

Scene #1

Scene #2

Scene #3

Last scene.

PURPLE won the best model of the year! =)

Our SHIP..

.next Pirate of the Caribbean.

.The 5 #1.

.The 5 #2.

.The 5 #3.

.The 5 #4.

Friendship is love,
without friendship love means nothing!


.dinner at the Port.Village.Seafood.Restaurant. ends this Chapter!

I'm making some story out of my blog this time because friends are part and parcels of the stories underlying behind every earthlings.

" The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart " ♥ - Susan Ng.

Our relationship is complicated!
cause we're in love with each another, we must admit. =P

signing off,
.with friends like this, why do we need enemies? ♥.

p/s: credit to Susan for all the photo editing. =)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

.Joy Joy.

The tiny little but huge girl from Johor just dropped by Klang for a random one day trip due to forcing from me and another Klang girl of the same class.

We'd made the pee out of her by scaring her somewhere in the port of Klang. Sorry but Klang is still a dangerous place as long as we're still here. haha..

signing off,
you're terminated Joy.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

.never say never.

The old Darryl Tee is dead.
The me now is a reborn version of me.. So, pray hard I dont lost my memories.

Stand up and face it, the rain will eventually stops and sun will shines along with the multi-colored rainbow.

Don't ask me what happened, me too don't like people reading and asking. Date me out, keep my time occupied so I would be able to stand up again if you peoples treat me as friend.

Justin Biever's song; "Never Say Never", don't give up and continue battling. This song will serve as my motivation for the next couple of months..