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Friday, February 27, 2009

.KIDCHANSTUDIO valentine's couple competition.

Anyone is willing to lay a helping hand?
Please please do, just lay one is enough!xD
This friend of mine joined a photography competition and she need a huge bunch of Votes

-Vin Teng-
(cute isn't her)

It's simply and don't even take more den 5 minute i bet

OkayY..the direction is as follow-
Log in your facebook(create one if u don't have!) and press the link below

Sign up as a fan of KIDCHANSTUDIO and post a comment of "couple #24".

-thats all you need to do-

Find it till you get it righT!
Would kindly appreciate those who helped her out...
Open up a kind heart to vote and wish she could win de most photogenic KIDCHANSTUDIO valentine's couple competition >>>

-most photogenic valentine's couple photo-


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