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Thursday, February 26, 2009

.a random day.

Few mor days 2 strike b4 i nid 2 to go bak college at kl, so i intended to hang out wit my frenz here as much as i can..

Sick of being borin n rot at home, i called up uncle tan for an outing..

Uncle tan the 'si ahmad' came over my house out of de sudden as i hvn prepare yet..
Well it end up i didint manage 2 put a lil style on my hair..
-si ahmad-

Our journey to

taa..da......i lay my step in aeon n post!
-i'm cool isnt it..xD-

Meanwhile waiting for ah poh, i bought 3pieces of doughnut(rm6.60) n i tot dey would wan it, but dey say NO!
Euyong de fatty ate one n me de skinny ate two-apple?doughnuts!-
-me n tang-
-BIG Apple-
Passing by Arcade me n euyong get so excited n we spend sum times ther-bingbang.slide.shoot.

-james bond-

-shoot the bads-

-he's gud in shooting guns(water gun?i duno..=D)-

-80% of de goals are mine-

-i'm de loser,babi waihow no giv face-

After all those ke-le-fe activities, we proceed 2 our main subject of de day>>>MOVIE!
planning 2 watch love matters made up a success when we manage 2 buy tickets on de very 1st day of de published of dis movie..

The content of dis movie had shocked us all up. Guess wat. Its a movie regard 2 SEKS, SEKS & SEKSSS!! I'm sorry it doesnt suit those below 18, yet its a chun movie i would say..

Okayy let me brief smth funny up.. Do anyone know dat male can only shoot 5000times in their lifetime?? I guess it exclude de time boys pee. Haha whether its true or otherwise, find it out n letme know....

On the other hand, thers a new kind of soup(cow-testis-soup), Gu Lan Theng dat we can order in a hawker stall.. Attention! Only for males dat not eMm emM enuf...


-love matter-
(seks matter)

The moral of dis movie>>>DON'T EVER PLAY WITH GIRLS!! or else de consequences would be ............

watch it yourself

-Aeon bkt tinggi klang-


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