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Monday, March 30, 2009




One more day to go then its April Fool Day!

I'm here to remind you people.

So don't ever think nor try to prank me!! Haha. Prepare everything you can to prank people and being pranked by others..

~day of fools~
(don't be a fool, fool by fools)

.eye tester.

-Test whether is your eye is functioning properly or otherwise-

Are the horizontal lines parallel? (of course they are)

There is nothing moving on the picture:

Motion is just an eye illusion

Don't be fooled by what you see.. What you see is not always what it is.

.teck en's day.

30th March 2009
Happy Birthday Teck En aka 'dai lou'!

19 years old already lurr.
Get elder another year does't means its time for you to be "naughty" yayy..=D
Cake of the day:-

-yummyyy yyam-

-sweet'nya. I want one also!-

-potong potong-

-my dai lou-

As usual he is camera shy.. All i manage to snap is just these. Birthday don't let me snap, babinya teck en ni... Alahh.. lu punya birthday forgive him ba.. ahaha..

~apppiee burfdayy again dude~

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

.avoid Mario from kids.

Mario.. Mario... Mario.....
sigh sigh sigh.... piece of disappointment.

All parents don't ever let your kids play SuperMario the game anymore!!



Hahahahaha.... Just for fun. Take it easy..=D

I'm sorry I couldn't upload the video.. So just link and watch it. Have a good laugh weyy...

Monday, March 23, 2009

.silly + nuts.

Coursework is coming up in the next few days. As usual i'm in the piece of heachache now.. Why must there be tests and exams?? why? WhY?? WHY???

ARGHH! Thats the system, nothing should i say anymore about it..

I'm all mad and had suggested a stupid idea of being like some kind of dummy idol in our lecture hall. & of course the hall must be empty.. Don't you expect me to act silly infront of hundreds of people la..

The organizer of the dummy idol>>>

-Dummy idol?-

Takda orang langsung??sigh...
Basically I'm the only silly dummy that trying to act stupid there? As usual??
I'm not the only 'sot' one there...
See those donkeyss?>>>

-Waving for a singer in a concert?? Sot-plug laaaaa.....-
Coursework is only for chapter 1 & 2 for OB all I'm tensed like this?? This semester really shit weyy... Still there is coursework for other subjects.. CraZy!
-act like lecture could I be better?-

Of course it doesn't end just like that..
Another monkey joined me in being silly..Chi Hou aka si monkey..
We steps and climb and turn upside down the whole hall... Then 'chik-chakk'.

-here we are-
Please please keep this thing away from the management of TARC.. Or else disciplinary actions might be taken on us.. Haha. Btw, we didnt clean the tables.. Left'ed foot-print. Sorry for those using it..=D
Before ending, here i appear>>>
The Destroyer..
~study drives me mad~

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk! fcuk!

and now
darryl presents........
thats FUCK!
-kao embarassed weyy-
signing off,
Darryl the FcUk'er


Almost everyone in class made a deal to all watch movie together in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre(KLCC).
Hear me.. Its almost everyone. End up only few of us who actually make it.. Damn it.
Anyway, its really enjoyable after all. I guess small bunch of people is better..=D
Guys, no matter what.. You people still ffk'ed me.. Ish! Count with all of you another day..
Fine.. No next time!





All all super fungalicious(bahasa darryl) hungry reaching klcc.. Its all food corners all the place. All we can afford is just>>>McDonald.. Since there is that lunch promotion.. Its nice & its cheap.. Plus it suit everyone's taste.. Unfortunately, McDonald was so so so crowded with peoples as if they are giving free foods. I queued up such a long queue.. Almost being squeezed into thin lil bamboo shoot.

We watched "Race To Witch Mountain".. Lazy to explain the plot of the movie.. Watch it.. Do recommended.

-movie of the day-


-joy with her garfield-
-chiaxin with her mini and zhiwei--julia and chunyong--joy joy and weiwei--julia and me--taiko darryl--happy friend--pieess.....-

-and finally the chubby one-

Its really silly with all the camwhoring part.. What to do.. We had 2hours of time before the movie starts.. Well you know, I know, everyone know... We cant shop in KLCC at this age. The shops are almost all god damn high-class'ed and expensive...

-nice view-

AwW.... Wana sleep d lazy to post lots lots. Nightz.

~To be continued..~

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

.blood donation.

17th March 2009
A year that started my first lifetime experience in doing such thing that I really felt wonderful.

Its about droplets of red liquid thingy that could save lifes! I went for a blood donation in my college in which i do feel surprise on my own behalf. It seems silly before i entered the hall. End up seeing peoples inside donating, i started to think how great these peoples are.. Sacrificing a slight of themselves for others..

Why can't i do the same thing?? And why don't YOU try too??

Its indeed something memorable and meaningful. I had done it.. Had you?

-the whole look of the crowd-

-I registered, no lies-

-waiting for my turn for blood test-
(btw, that was ShirTheng)

-Finger injected to test for my blood type-

-I'm of 'B' type blood-
(fyi, 'B' stands for BEST!)

I see blood on my fingers and started to screwed myself up.. I'm bleeding! The nurse told me that I can't donate yet as I haven't had my lunch.. Wtf. Wanted to donate somemore require me to eat. Fine since they do provide freshment for me.. Wakaka... F.O.C. weyy.. Go donate and get free foods and drinks!

Okayy its time to go...

-snapped a photo to cheer myself up-
(in case if i cried-who know since its my first time rite)

-fantastic, no pain at all-

-crowd before-

-crowd after-
(see my fingers? I can still move)

The fun part is when you sees your blood gushing out moving on the tube. Without notice a whole pack of blood of mine had leaves my body. 450ml.. Its almost a bottle of mineral water.. Do not ever worry. Bloods in human's body can regenerate by itself..

no harm donating..

-pack of tomato sauce?-

As a sign of appreciation, individuals whom donates get a certificate and a souvenir..

-sijil penghargaan-


Mark words of mine. Go donate and help those who needs it! There wouldn't be any pain nor regrets...

Monday, March 16, 2009

.fucking rain.

BAD BAD day!!or should i say daysS..

Days being so like fucked up and down or upside down. Plus i'm sick now..

I don't have any fate with rain or water these days..

Event 1 :The sky is dripping water down to the earth. Yet i was dropped by the road by my friend after college.. And my whole lower body all wet.>>NVM.

Event 2 :Early in the morning to college and it rains again.. Not wanting to miss class, so i took an umbrella to college.. Same things happened, i'm all wet! Fuck! Have to take ktm back to Klang some more.>>STIL OK!

Event 3 :My stupid or should i say useless cousins and family whom stayed at my house for whatever fucking reason caused almost the whole 2nd floor of my house to be flooded by waters Probably the pipe in their room wasn't off.>>FUCK THEM!

Event 4 :Yesterday 6pm was taking ktm back to KL. Just about reaching the stesen, a train boarded off. So 'sui'. Then waited 1hour ++ while the opposite lane of the ktm had passed away FOUR trains.. Meanwhile it rains damn kao fuckinngggg heavy...worse rain i ever experienced. Imagine me, waiting in the ktm with umbrella, yet whole body stil wet. Could you imagine it? See how terrible it is? Fuck & fuck!>>FUCK OFF!!!

Event 5 :Went to college eventhough i really sick. End up rain AGAIN.. Bad words starting with "F"*** , "C"**** , "K"** , "L"****** all coming out from my mouth! really sick of all this.Electricity ran off due to the rain..Waste my time.


Sorry for being rude with all this.. Cant stand all that happened! Its like so so bad luck.. I wonder why all these happening to me.. I think i shall even not to drink water nor shower..


Friday, March 13, 2009

.horrible voice!.


woke up early in the morning, realising that the first word that come out from my mouth isn't sounded like my sound.
My voice been so rough like frog!
Perhaps it maybe sounds "man" but I don't like it.. sobz.
Day before today I was on flu and I'm all wet to college as it rain AGAIN! and it was in early of the morning.. My socks stink as i reached college.. wahkaka.

-why am i so 'sui'?~

Anyone feel free can ring me up and listen to my sexy voice. I don't mind to share..xD

~i'm a human, not a frog~

Thursday, March 12, 2009

.ngek ngek ngek.

Spm results had came out! No worries, we had all come across it before.. Say good luck to those candidates of spm last year..

Those who scored well i congrate! Those who scored piece of bull-shit then S-O-R-R-Y!

Boring boringg so boringgg, so came up with this silly post..=p

~byebye SPM~

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


hahits already 4:00pm.
Clouds turn blacky, windy air and droplets of water tends to drop from the sky..

>>I just about to scold BABI!<<

Just ended class happily and its raining? Nvm.
But its damn kao f***'ing heavy lorr.. Thanks to SiewLi for blessing the rain! Grr.....

Managed to get HongYu to fetch me back to my apartment, sounds fine. The bad part it, he drop me outside nearby the road leaving about 100meter more to go from my house.
Lucky thing he do provide me with an umbrella.. Well since its heavy will it be useful?>No Idea!
I'm all wet when i reached home..
Concluded that>Umbrella is useless!
i found out that the umbrella wasn't in good condition. The steel supporting it breaks of a few in number.

Alright i just got my shoes n pants wett! I protected my bag with some "valuables" in it.. End up my bag wets as well.. sigh.. Am I as useless as the umbrella?
Lol.. Its not tsunami or else i'm gone.

Its not a fine day today i guess. Studied in library for almost 3hours. BORED! and i get nothing into my freaking brain.. All the subjects just don't seems okayy to me this semester. I shall crack my brain more..

~Life?? NO COMMENT!~

Saturday, March 07, 2009

.result result & result.

Reg. Number :08WBD04979
I/C Number :901209-10-5435

Result :







Remarks : -
Date of Release :07 MARCH 2009

What I been awaiting had come true. I'm glad that after all my hard time, I could sees a result which could satisfy me..
I didnt score well in English in which I really got no idea. Semester 1 I scored a B+ and so do semester 2.. TARC>>what the hell is wrong with your system in marking my English paper! I'm not the only case, the cleverest girl in my class faces the same thing. I felt that I'd done quite well in it, but ......

Many of them congrates me in hoping a meal from me.. Haha. Anyway no problem, since I'm floating on the air now..xD

Honestly I don't know why I'm not that happy as I thought.. Seeing some of
my classmates getting their results with smiling face, its nice.
Unfortunely, my best friend in college he don't really score well. He wasn't
happy, yet i know he had act tough infront of everyone..

All I wanted to tell him:
Brother, this is just one semester, few more to go weyy.. Look forward always and cheer up! Do better next paper..

Upon getting my result i called up my beloved housemate, and she do feel happy on my behalf. As she can't log into the college web at home, I helped her out since I'm at college with pc beside me. Expression changes as I told her; her result>>a sombre atmospehere tends to appear in me..
She was sad and she cried.
Back home and seen her with unhappy face, a 'U' on my face turns 'n'..

Words for her:
Ah ni a ah ni, u get less A's but at least your CGPA rises. Be glad kayy... *smile*

Those who didnt did well, nevermind! Do better next time..

Hard work beats genius down

~stay happy & be happy~