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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

.blood donation.

17th March 2009
A year that started my first lifetime experience in doing such thing that I really felt wonderful.

Its about droplets of red liquid thingy that could save lifes! I went for a blood donation in my college in which i do feel surprise on my own behalf. It seems silly before i entered the hall. End up seeing peoples inside donating, i started to think how great these peoples are.. Sacrificing a slight of themselves for others..

Why can't i do the same thing?? And why don't YOU try too??

Its indeed something memorable and meaningful. I had done it.. Had you?

-the whole look of the crowd-

-I registered, no lies-

-waiting for my turn for blood test-
(btw, that was ShirTheng)

-Finger injected to test for my blood type-

-I'm of 'B' type blood-
(fyi, 'B' stands for BEST!)

I see blood on my fingers and started to screwed myself up.. I'm bleeding! The nurse told me that I can't donate yet as I haven't had my lunch.. Wtf. Wanted to donate somemore require me to eat. Fine since they do provide freshment for me.. Wakaka... F.O.C. weyy.. Go donate and get free foods and drinks!

Okayy its time to go...

-snapped a photo to cheer myself up-
(in case if i cried-who know since its my first time rite)

-fantastic, no pain at all-

-crowd before-

-crowd after-
(see my fingers? I can still move)

The fun part is when you sees your blood gushing out moving on the tube. Without notice a whole pack of blood of mine had leaves my body. 450ml.. Its almost a bottle of mineral water.. Do not ever worry. Bloods in human's body can regenerate by itself..

no harm donating..

-pack of tomato sauce?-

As a sign of appreciation, individuals whom donates get a certificate and a souvenir..

-sijil penghargaan-


Mark words of mine. Go donate and help those who needs it! There wouldn't be any pain nor regrets...

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