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Sunday, March 01, 2009

.college doink suckk.

One month had just passed, the feeling of holiday'ing is stil here. It just dont feel usual going back to college. Because nothing motivate me to study!
Most of them in college stil the same old look, stil my dudes n babes..

No changes from the view of mental, but a huge changes in physical! Ah James 'highlighted' his 80s century's hairstyle wit pure golds.. Haha. Seems weird but wat to do, he said he wana try sumthing new..
well >>okloRRrrr........
(u better dye back black or i gona kik ur ass off, no ah beng style plss!)

i gona miss u Paris, Syeng, PearLing and ChunYong... These people abandoned Group6! i hate them. HATE YOU PEOPLE!!! Nyway havta respect their decision. Shall see all of u in college, takecare alwizz...

.Once DBU, Forever DBU.


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