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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Almost everyone in class made a deal to all watch movie together in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre(KLCC).
Hear me.. Its almost everyone. End up only few of us who actually make it.. Damn it.
Anyway, its really enjoyable after all. I guess small bunch of people is better..=D
Guys, no matter what.. You people still ffk'ed me.. Ish! Count with all of you another day..
Fine.. No next time!





All all super fungalicious(bahasa darryl) hungry reaching klcc.. Its all food corners all the place. All we can afford is just>>>McDonald.. Since there is that lunch promotion.. Its nice & its cheap.. Plus it suit everyone's taste.. Unfortunately, McDonald was so so so crowded with peoples as if they are giving free foods. I queued up such a long queue.. Almost being squeezed into thin lil bamboo shoot.

We watched "Race To Witch Mountain".. Lazy to explain the plot of the movie.. Watch it.. Do recommended.

-movie of the day-


-joy with her garfield-
-chiaxin with her mini and zhiwei--julia and chunyong--joy joy and weiwei--julia and me--taiko darryl--happy friend--pieess.....-

-and finally the chubby one-

Its really silly with all the camwhoring part.. What to do.. We had 2hours of time before the movie starts.. Well you know, I know, everyone know... We cant shop in KLCC at this age. The shops are almost all god damn high-class'ed and expensive...

-nice view-

AwW.... Wana sleep d lazy to post lots lots. Nightz.

~To be continued..~

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