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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


hahits already 4:00pm.
Clouds turn blacky, windy air and droplets of water tends to drop from the sky..

>>I just about to scold BABI!<<

Just ended class happily and its raining? Nvm.
But its damn kao f***'ing heavy lorr.. Thanks to SiewLi for blessing the rain! Grr.....

Managed to get HongYu to fetch me back to my apartment, sounds fine. The bad part it, he drop me outside nearby the road leaving about 100meter more to go from my house.
Lucky thing he do provide me with an umbrella.. Well since its heavy will it be useful?>No Idea!
I'm all wet when i reached home..
Concluded that>Umbrella is useless!
i found out that the umbrella wasn't in good condition. The steel supporting it breaks of a few in number.

Alright i just got my shoes n pants wett! I protected my bag with some "valuables" in it.. End up my bag wets as well.. sigh.. Am I as useless as the umbrella?
Lol.. Its not tsunami or else i'm gone.

Its not a fine day today i guess. Studied in library for almost 3hours. BORED! and i get nothing into my freaking brain.. All the subjects just don't seems okayy to me this semester. I shall crack my brain more..

~Life?? NO COMMENT!~

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