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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

.money not enough.

BOOM! It cost me a boom to pay up all my expenses in kl..
I havta pay the fees of this 3rd semester>>rm600++
House rent every month>>rm200++
Daily expenses>>??
....and nevertheless, i need money to hang out n shop.

Total up its all about 1K. Manalah seorang budak kecil macam i dapat duit lahhhh.....
Any sponsorship for me?? I god damn regret for not getting another A's in spm.. Otherwise i'm gona just pay half of my fees. 100% goes to 50%, how nice!
Those richy peoples out there, get me some mOneY!! Wakaka...
Anyone has any business that i can deal with? I wanna earn some income.. If do please intro some to me...

-money money come-

~poor lil boy~

1 comment:

  1. walau er..~~~~~~~~~~
    so much $ lor u..@@''
    i wan rompak u liao.. =D