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Friday, March 06, 2009


Today is friday, tomorrow is saturday..
What I wana say is WTF!

Time passes so fast, results coming out tomorrow!
I don't look nervous, but i seems to be nervous now after all. Wanting to score well puts more tense on me.

I MUST and I NEED to achieve flying colours result in order for me to get scholarship for furthering my study to advanced diploma.. Results of semester one seems not really okayy, but not too bad. All i hope is to maintain it all the way longgg....
I'd placed so much effort!, I'd studied day and days! Therefore, otherwise maintain ; if not then IMPROVE!!

Life will not be easy if I don't study hard. A motivation word i gave to myself. After mumbling for getting my result so late day-by-day, the moment had finally arrived.
Will update again after i celebrated my result.(I hope so)..
For now, wish me luck and SAYA + BOLEH = A's A's A's !!

Signing off,

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