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Monday, March 23, 2009

.silly + nuts.

Coursework is coming up in the next few days. As usual i'm in the piece of heachache now.. Why must there be tests and exams?? why? WhY?? WHY???

ARGHH! Thats the system, nothing should i say anymore about it..

I'm all mad and had suggested a stupid idea of being like some kind of dummy idol in our lecture hall. & of course the hall must be empty.. Don't you expect me to act silly infront of hundreds of people la..

The organizer of the dummy idol>>>

-Dummy idol?-

Takda orang langsung??sigh...
Basically I'm the only silly dummy that trying to act stupid there? As usual??
I'm not the only 'sot' one there...
See those donkeyss?>>>

-Waving for a singer in a concert?? Sot-plug laaaaa.....-
Coursework is only for chapter 1 & 2 for OB all I'm tensed like this?? This semester really shit weyy... Still there is coursework for other subjects.. CraZy!
-act like lecture could I be better?-

Of course it doesn't end just like that..
Another monkey joined me in being silly..Chi Hou aka si monkey..
We steps and climb and turn upside down the whole hall... Then 'chik-chakk'.

-here we are-
Please please keep this thing away from the management of TARC.. Or else disciplinary actions might be taken on us.. Haha. Btw, we didnt clean the tables.. Left'ed foot-print. Sorry for those using it..=D
Before ending, here i appear>>>
The Destroyer..
~study drives me mad~

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