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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

.baby study baby.

Went library with my colleague to study.
Its not a surprise fyi?
Well.... Actually I'm those nerdy boy.Haha.(hmph??..)

Ended up me camwhoring all the time. Study really tensed me up.
and I did not neglect my study! Just draw some time to relax myself up..

-smile baby smile..-

-I'm studying,not zZz'ing-

-but its not fun!-

Just to introduce my chubby friend.. Miss ah Joy aka tai ka jie aka dora.
She round + chubby. But she cute. Wakaka...

-doraemon si a Joy-

And finally the ME again as usual.. Tada... Mr study boy. I'm running out of time. Study and bye now!

~gotta study now.tata~

Monday, April 20, 2009

.addiction kills me.

Game is moving around my bloody head lately..
Nothing seems to appear in my head except game and game.

I'm already 19 weyy. No longer a 12yrs old kids anymore.
So stop playing game mr.uncle darryl tee.
Stop being like a secondary school boy boy.. Grow up you dicky'ish!
~addiction kills me~
Sport is an alternative for me to let go video games. Hours ago, ringed up CY to accompany me to swim at my place. Around 2months ago was the last time of me going for a 'splashy' moment. Well I'm STILL good in swimming.. Woot! Haha..
I miss my baby badminton! Ruff...
Not gonna play badminton for weeks since I'm not around Klang. My dude'y lasallian friends spends time playing badminton together every week.
Since I'm there with them, I bet they would't enjoy..
Do miss them..(but i miss badminton more!xD)
~athlete tee darryl~

Sunday, April 19, 2009

.blog makes life.

Its been days I didn't do anything at home. Thought I would get myself up to study hard..

Ended up i was gaming this few days. Probably because there is still days to go before my exam..
Since I don't study, why not blog.. Yeah?
As usual, I'm slacking like always.

WHY am i so lazy?
WHEN will i work hard?
HOW could i turn better?

Who? When? Why? How?..... questioning myself all the time..

Well this is me..=D
.I am who I am.

I miss blogging...
Exam is around the clock! Trend of blogging still need to be continued.. gashh!
Blogging spirit is rising in the inner of me.
Fuck Darryl Tee,
better study!

Friday, April 17, 2009

.stop blogging.

Gonna stop blogging TEMPORARY.
my final is coming next week..
plus no initiative
to blog for the moment
Study.. stUdy.... & StudY.............
Those whom are supportive to my bloggie please do stay connected with me.. Will back to blogging life once i'm all free. Wish me luck and pray for me.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


I can't upload any photo because my phone isn't with me due to some reasons.
Its been hospitalized.
I can't snap.
Therefore no photo until its back..
Will upload tons of photo after i get it back..
For the moment, no complaint for the moment saying my blog fulled with words. Words do speak better than photos?? Haha. Update update update!!
~ku berambus~


People's behavior is based on their perception of what reality is, not on reality itself..

This is a big weakness human being has.

The world as it is perceived is the world that is behaviorally important from any point of view.

Do confess to people if you thinks that you had done something not right. Apologizing and forgiving is a matter given by God for human being to utilize it in the correct situation.
Learn from mistakes and ensure not to repeat it in future.. Learning makes people to improve no matter where and when.
No one will laugh at you as long as you learns. Past experience just let it be memories and look forward ahead in life.. Retain close relationship with everyone around you before any regrets happen..

Btw, I'm sorry recently for being in all this emoness emotion.

~no one is right nor wrong~
'its just the way you perceived it'

Monday, April 06, 2009

.stop being who you are.

People's behavior is unpredictable..
Sometimes perceived as being ownself, stepping on own land is essential, but its not always the case if it would affect others and raise non-positively issue about it.
STOP being annoying someone..
or otherwise
if people starts to hate you,
I got no idea on how to help you
there are some that hated you now
including me
frankly telling
not as much but sufficient for us to isolate you
if you continues your behavior that irritates people
that just don't sound good
how should i start?
where should i start?
advicing you or let you be who you are?
control yourself
behave yourself
we wished we shall not isolate you
neither you shall wish so
otherwise then,
all i can say is SoRRy!
if you know who it is then great,
if you don't then just ignore it
~ask nothing~
-P & C-

Thursday, April 02, 2009

.i miss u.

Today i met a friend that once very close with me in train. I looked at him and starts thinking of all happy moments we had gone through before.. I miss him a lot!
We used to sit together in school, hang out together and play together all the time. He's still here but he had changed. No idea what makes him to turn like now. I miss you my friend! I really miss you!!
I really hope we could be like as before. I miss moments in secondary school. I know there would not be any point of me saying all this.. Its just words from me.

Life? Speechless to it.
Thing comes and go just like that.. I am of no power to control anything.. Should had appreciate everything before it fades..
Time passes quickly and changes everything in just a blink leaving my heart bleeding.
Do you still remember me this friend?? Do I still exist in your heart? Few days time only our relation of years just changes??

I'm not satisfied with it!!

~will you come back?~


comment about me please.. ONLY about me.

hows my attitude??
hows my appearance??
are you glad knowing me??
how well or how bad am I??
had i changed from time to time??
what about me that makes you like/dislike me??

Just leave whatever you think about me.. I don't understand a single piece of myself.
Hoping who I am is better than who I was..

~do leave comment on this post~

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I had officially switched my number from Maxis to DiGi.. Number remains the same. Open wide your ear my friends.

DiGi widest coverage!

Connecting people!(Nokia? slogan)

Always the smater choice!

Got DiGi No Maxis!


Digi's plan>

-Super FnF-Super SMS-Super Talk-Super Long Life-

Hellooo.... Banyak SUPER plan weyy. for super macho like me and you. switch to digi! hoho.. Don't get misunderstood, I'm not working for DiGi.. Just promoting it as I'm using it..


.ding dong bell.

Ok its nice today, I'm not pranked by anyone. WooOt! Great.
Not answering any phone call, replying any sms or opening my house door till the clock shows sharp 12o'clock. The day for silly haven't ends.
Guys. Don't get into any contact with me alright..
April Fool Day really mean nothing to me. and everyone living in this stupid unpeace planet. Either one think of ideas to prank peoples or one being pranked. Silly duhh? whats the point wey? Nonsense!

Fine.fine..fine... Pointless! So lets forget about it.
Dum Dum human being there don't get fed'up by peoples whom played you today.. This day is a for fun, nonsense day i would say..

College oh si college. Nothing other than boring can I use further to describe it. I don't really interact nicely with my colleagues nor the same wit them towards me. i think so? Not all.. but most of all. Absolutely no offence yea.
Dudes and babes around. Cheer my day up, give me more.. I mean more! Me feeling tired and exhausted with all ding dong bells around and asquare? me. sigh. I hate those who tease for unproper purpose and backstabber. off you go!