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Monday, April 20, 2009

.addiction kills me.

Game is moving around my bloody head lately..
Nothing seems to appear in my head except game and game.

I'm already 19 weyy. No longer a 12yrs old kids anymore.
So stop playing game mr.uncle darryl tee.
Stop being like a secondary school boy boy.. Grow up you dicky'ish!
~addiction kills me~
Sport is an alternative for me to let go video games. Hours ago, ringed up CY to accompany me to swim at my place. Around 2months ago was the last time of me going for a 'splashy' moment. Well I'm STILL good in swimming.. Woot! Haha..
I miss my baby badminton! Ruff...
Not gonna play badminton for weeks since I'm not around Klang. My dude'y lasallian friends spends time playing badminton together every week.
Since I'm there with them, I bet they would't enjoy..
Do miss them..(but i miss badminton more!xD)
~athlete tee darryl~

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