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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

.baby study baby.

Went library with my colleague to study.
Its not a surprise fyi?
Well.... Actually I'm those nerdy boy.Haha.(hmph??..)

Ended up me camwhoring all the time. Study really tensed me up.
and I did not neglect my study! Just draw some time to relax myself up..

-smile baby smile..-

-I'm studying,not zZz'ing-

-but its not fun!-

Just to introduce my chubby friend.. Miss ah Joy aka tai ka jie aka dora.
She round + chubby. But she cute. Wakaka...

-doraemon si a Joy-

And finally the ME again as usual.. Tada... Mr study boy. I'm running out of time. Study and bye now!

~gotta study now.tata~

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