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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

.ding dong bell.

Ok its nice today, I'm not pranked by anyone. WooOt! Great.
Not answering any phone call, replying any sms or opening my house door till the clock shows sharp 12o'clock. The day for silly haven't ends.
Guys. Don't get into any contact with me alright..
April Fool Day really mean nothing to me. and everyone living in this stupid unpeace planet. Either one think of ideas to prank peoples or one being pranked. Silly duhh? whats the point wey? Nonsense!

Fine.fine..fine... Pointless! So lets forget about it.
Dum Dum human being there don't get fed'up by peoples whom played you today.. This day is a for fun, nonsense day i would say..

College oh si college. Nothing other than boring can I use further to describe it. I don't really interact nicely with my colleagues nor the same wit them towards me. i think so? Not all.. but most of all. Absolutely no offence yea.
Dudes and babes around. Cheer my day up, give me more.. I mean more! Me feeling tired and exhausted with all ding dong bells around and asquare? me. sigh. I hate those who tease for unproper purpose and backstabber. off you go!


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