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Thursday, April 02, 2009

.i miss u.

Today i met a friend that once very close with me in train. I looked at him and starts thinking of all happy moments we had gone through before.. I miss him a lot!
We used to sit together in school, hang out together and play together all the time. He's still here but he had changed. No idea what makes him to turn like now. I miss you my friend! I really miss you!!
I really hope we could be like as before. I miss moments in secondary school. I know there would not be any point of me saying all this.. Its just words from me.

Life? Speechless to it.
Thing comes and go just like that.. I am of no power to control anything.. Should had appreciate everything before it fades..
Time passes quickly and changes everything in just a blink leaving my heart bleeding.
Do you still remember me this friend?? Do I still exist in your heart? Few days time only our relation of years just changes??

I'm not satisfied with it!!

~will you come back?~

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  1. haha.. over is over. the time cannot be reversed. but he may be he could be like as before one day in the future. haha.. chill la =)