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Thursday, April 09, 2009


People's behavior is based on their perception of what reality is, not on reality itself..

This is a big weakness human being has.

The world as it is perceived is the world that is behaviorally important from any point of view.

Do confess to people if you thinks that you had done something not right. Apologizing and forgiving is a matter given by God for human being to utilize it in the correct situation.
Learn from mistakes and ensure not to repeat it in future.. Learning makes people to improve no matter where and when.
No one will laugh at you as long as you learns. Past experience just let it be memories and look forward ahead in life.. Retain close relationship with everyone around you before any regrets happen..

Btw, I'm sorry recently for being in all this emoness emotion.

~no one is right nor wrong~
'its just the way you perceived it'

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