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Monday, April 06, 2009

.stop being who you are.

People's behavior is unpredictable..
Sometimes perceived as being ownself, stepping on own land is essential, but its not always the case if it would affect others and raise non-positively issue about it.
STOP being annoying someone..
or otherwise
if people starts to hate you,
I got no idea on how to help you
there are some that hated you now
including me
frankly telling
not as much but sufficient for us to isolate you
if you continues your behavior that irritates people
that just don't sound good
how should i start?
where should i start?
advicing you or let you be who you are?
control yourself
behave yourself
we wished we shall not isolate you
neither you shall wish so
otherwise then,
all i can say is SoRRy!
if you know who it is then great,
if you don't then just ignore it
~ask nothing~
-P & C-

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