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Sunday, May 31, 2009



Carried one whole bunch of thick books almost all around the wth huge college.. Thought of finding sum of my mates in library or canteen; so I can passed it to them first.
End up I found NO ONE! Waste my time and energy..@_@

Suckss weyyy;
its all nothing other than trouble.. My hand shivered once I placed those books down.
I couln't even hold a spoon properly... till I need my friend's assist to mix my claypot rice.. LOL.
Anyway just to help out my previous class rep.
That assistant is like err.......doink him.
Ada takda samalahh.... haha. He's gonna chop me into pieces.
Suddenly feel like going to greenbox!
In fact Eileen wanted to go today.. as tomorrow is her b'day. but.... too bad, plan fail!
Don't blame me Eileen, I'm okayy with the plan. just that no one is on with the plan..
You better celebrate with your dearest CanU.. wakakaka..
in CITC now,
~chaoz'ing soon~

Saturday, May 30, 2009

.feel the world.

Ivan ong always fail his planning. Random my butt.. Right susan? haha.
Doink ivan bring me and susan spin the whole Jusco department and buy nothing.. He said we must do marketing research to FEEL THE WORLD! Kill you, feel me!
Eating is more to his passion than mine.. He's really a garbage bin eating everything and his plan is all about

We never come to a nice successful plan before. wtf. It was ages since I last met Elene; pity girl being called out just to MAKAN by the Ong then balik rumah..
Ages plus agessss didn't camwhore with those two silly d! Finally do, and that SS=syok sendiri kept camwhoring in car wearing I don't know what sesat hip-hop style.. She looks like an old tweety bird.. Over-mature but at least better than Ivan acting mature.(saying ownself mature)
...zzz. and Ivan has problem with his driving skill; making people headache.
send me those photos, I wana upload your tweety photo. LOL!
~feel me~

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

.flying bird.

Weeks of holiday gone, Yeahh and Err...............

what comes to my mind now is study.. Back to college starting my Year2 now as a SENIOR. as usual, muahahahaha.......
Alright cut the crap Mr. tee ah chai,
Not intended to blog actually, in fact happiness just arouse inside me. hahaha..

.... because
Third semester's result released today,
congratulate me again wey..=D Not gonna post my result here again.. People in this freaking planet sure say i showing off. Biasalahh me but alright *darryl tee is changing*.. not once in a blue moon.


to dear Mr Ivan Ong and Raymond Tan. Stop copying in the exam hall! Sorry for exposing this matter to the public. Everyone also know d la.. haha. Remember my meal WaiHow and I shall remember mine OngIvan.

continue living,
~wished I can fly like a birdy in the wonderful sky~

Sunday, May 24, 2009

.once in a blue moon.

HELLO everyone in this freaking planet
susan is here to help darryl the tee to update his freaking LAME awesome blog
*was being forced by him to be more accurate.SOBS*

anyway,back to the topic!
as what the DONG said, oh yea!i am stink but who cares?? =p
and YES,he have mentally-abused and physically-abused me!!
all thanks to this bro, i am officially phobia towards shuttlecock and people standing behind me
*i might just play single next time * *winks*
and a very big thank you to him too for...
well,just have a look for yourself then!

the night after he abused hit me with shuttlecock

next day
okay.enough of that.i was being lame actually since his blog is all about being lame!
*evil laughs*

an introduction on darryl the tee aka the duck aka the kiam chai
a dude who is clumsy but kind
a dude who is kiddy but mature at times *cough*
a dude who is good at maths but afraid of cockroaches *out of topic*
a dude who fetches me around like a driver everytime
overall,he's just a good bro for me
thanks for being there for me , my lil bro who will never ever grow up
*same goes to ivan*
teehee!a little tiny weeny special dedication to another bro, ivan

what can we say about darryl based on the pictures above?
*he seems like a garbage bin to us since he helped us finish off our food yesterday in mamak*

*see D, i am born to be kind-hearted! nothing ugly right? grrr*

anyway, "buat baik dibalas jahat" is what i can say about D
booming and ordering me is his hobby
what the heck?
show some respect to the older sis can boh? you memang kanasai!

a picture of me and the little dude!

the very first picture of US!
brotherly and sisterly LOVE!

psst to darryl : sorry dude for not spending enough time with you during your holiday, but, will make it up to you once you are back to klang on weekends aight? and I OWE YOU NOTHING since you hit my freaking pretty innocent face with shuttlecock TWICE! FUCK you for that..oopsy!

darryl said its no good to scold bad words.hence, no bad words are allowed here!!
@_@ *innocent*
okie larh.promise you not to scold bad words larh.

oh ya,before i "buzz off" as what D said,
as you guys know from his previous post
i am SUSAN
his beloved sister.wakakak!


til then, folks!


Saturday, May 23, 2009


susan is updating my blog now.
~on construction~

.say bye.

...say bye to me Klang
gonna back to KL tomorrow.
holiday ends
my timetable suckz!
~new sem new life~

Friday, May 22, 2009


Badminton two round today. Sibeh syoK weyyy....
One session at noon and another at night. Thanks to my pals.
Noon with my ka'ki

As usual it was fun playing with them every time.
euyong and garry couln't make it this week. Therefore, both of you owe me one meal.. Thats the deal, no choice for you.. In conclusion, ey and garry I don't owe you both any meal d.=D *ugut*

Night late at 10 went Setia Alam for badminton round 2 with Susan the smelly cow as she didn't shower for the whole day together with her zi mui.. you are so yuakzz Susan!
But I love our mamak'ing part. Fooled the indian waiter and having sum tik-tak with foods.. Susan you know what I mean. muahaha... Lets laugh like evil. Don't you ever forget my meal for the bet you made.

Sorry for hitting your face twice..

Bye for now..

~we'r the badminholic~

Thursday, May 21, 2009

.sayonara all.

Am going back to KL this Sunday. My long holiday should just end right here. Bunch of luggage needed to brought back again, hate it!
Heading to year2 now, and being senior of the next batch. ngek ngek ngekk...

*don't miss me*
& i know no one will.

Around 5weeks I didn't play badminton with my badminton ka'ki d.
Exam period NO badminton, Holiday season NO badminton. What a sigh..
Stupid MPK for not reserving any court for the Yang Maha Mulia me!

No idea whether can I still play when college reopen. Hope so my timetable would be a flexible one.(better be one)
Otherwise, sayonaro ka'ki..

look forward,
~to badminton tomorrow~
*kalau ada lah*

Monday, May 18, 2009

.ong crazy.

Ivan ong is crazeee.... This donkey bought bunch of snacks with MC to his house as if they're camping there in his living room.
Watching movie plus online with Mamee, Cheezle, Coke and bla bla bla.. JUNK FOODS! Nuts weyy. not plain water..
And of course I shall help him to finish it la... haha.
30bucks of snacks I don't think so they can finish it.

Slap you 3times Ivan ong.
~to call me next time~

Sunday, May 17, 2009

.durian hair.

My new hair style..
I don't know what it looks like. Its like O M G.

The durian boy.
No comment is allowed!
~not gonna cut this stupid hair again~

Thursday, May 14, 2009

.blink blink.

Early in the morning went jogging with my friends at Botanic. Emm... Get some fresh air there as I still possible as there isn't anymore freshy air in this earth. Doink suck polluter human being.
Reserve our mother nature before this precious earth gone.
Jog is good for health but to wake up early in the morning kills me!

See the beauty of nature.. and the beauty of me of course. haha.
-shall let the picture speaks-
Played kite as well. Nothing special, just let the kite off the sky and control the string.
A very good experience for me, this is my very first time.=D
That was my kite flying freely in the air.
I wished I could fly like that!! nehh... stop dreaming
-fly fly fly away-
I hate J-card day. It was damn bloody crowded in Aeon, couldn't even get a nice parking slot! I'm just not those aunties that squeezed themselves for goods like crazee.. Is those goods that cheap??(was wondering)
Call me for any outing. My holiday is about to over, what a sigh.. I want more and more joy! Kind of wanting to study now but for sure to be missing Klang when I start schooling. and nevertheless I'm just being 'hangat-hangat tahi ayam'..hahaha.
~signing off,
Day by day just passed away..
I better do something meaningful.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

.to be updated.

Is my blog dead?

Yes it is.. Couldnt figure out what to post and no photo snapping recently.
The first week of holiday had just passed into tiny air just like that.

Went to Aeon, eat, mamak'ing, greenbox and here and there everyday. Sucks weyy, kinda aimless.
Thats it, else where can I go??
I started to encounter that holiday isn't that fun. Most people is having exam, busying with their own life and bla bla bla....
perhaps girlfriend, boyfriend? awww..

Let me think what should I post.
~to be updated~

Sunday, May 03, 2009

.i'm not a banana.

I wanted to emphasize that
I am not a banana.
I have "one" and I just like to eat them(not mine,the real one),
but I'm not a banana man.

~aku bukan pisang~

.what could it be more.

Its 2.00am now, as usual I'm still awake as its still very early for my clock. Never gonna doze myself off at the early hour.
I'm like getting bored and really very boring now at home plus my formatted computer isn't functioning well.. Or shall I say its not functioning. It sucks duhh... Used with playing games late at night(late late midnight) but I can't now with this damn freaking computer. After formatted it work worse than before. Sigh if I ever had the money, first of all it gonna be a change for this ninc'mpoop computer. Well all I can do now is just to surf the net, blogging nonsense stuff at my post.

Something just wandering badly around my head now..
The action I feel like doing the most now is to peel the skin of the stupid doink doink unethical human being that changed the internal part of my cellphone as I wanted to repair it. That blackshop gonna get the hell from me. SuckeR!! Will post that damn shop location and name up here together with that moronic doink human face. F*** you, jack ass. Curse your shop close down for being such unethical. How dare he even do charged fee on repairing.
Going to go over tomorrow to find him up to deal with him. Such a people without social responsibility. Give me a reasonable reason before I dip you into hot boiled water.

Never ever bring your computer or cellphone to shop unless someone whom really can be trusted on. We never know one's heart.
Ruined my mood off the day and holiday'ing season.
Could everything just turned to be excellent in this earth? -i don't think so- God please make this world a bit better.

~the cure may be worse than the disease~

Saturday, May 02, 2009

.ring ring phone.

Ring me.. Call me.. Phone me.. PM me.. and Nudge me.....
Send me a surprise by calling me to hang out. Those who miss me and those who don't. I care nothing, EVERYONE just ring me out!! I don't wanna bored out at home..
Could out everyday. Every moment. Morning. Noon. & Night.

Friday, May 01, 2009

.no u-turn for over.

Final examination finally over..

Too bad I couldn't hang out with my colleagues to ktv.
One year had just passed at spur of moment. Bye semester3..
Gonna head to year 2 now.

Before that,
letmme enjoy this relaxing long lil holiday first!
-my blog is back to operation as usual..
enjoy the moments shared by me.-