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Friday, May 22, 2009


Badminton two round today. Sibeh syoK weyyy....
One session at noon and another at night. Thanks to my pals.
Noon with my ka'ki

As usual it was fun playing with them every time.
euyong and garry couln't make it this week. Therefore, both of you owe me one meal.. Thats the deal, no choice for you.. In conclusion, ey and garry I don't owe you both any meal d.=D *ugut*

Night late at 10 went Setia Alam for badminton round 2 with Susan the smelly cow as she didn't shower for the whole day together with her zi mui.. you are so yuakzz Susan!
But I love our mamak'ing part. Fooled the indian waiter and having sum tik-tak with foods.. Susan you know what I mean. muahaha... Lets laugh like evil. Don't you ever forget my meal for the bet you made.

Sorry for hitting your face twice..

Bye for now..

~we'r the badminholic~

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