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Thursday, May 14, 2009

.blink blink.

Early in the morning went jogging with my friends at Botanic. Emm... Get some fresh air there as I still possible as there isn't anymore freshy air in this earth. Doink suck polluter human being.
Reserve our mother nature before this precious earth gone.
Jog is good for health but to wake up early in the morning kills me!

See the beauty of nature.. and the beauty of me of course. haha.
-shall let the picture speaks-
Played kite as well. Nothing special, just let the kite off the sky and control the string.
A very good experience for me, this is my very first time.=D
That was my kite flying freely in the air.
I wished I could fly like that!! nehh... stop dreaming
-fly fly fly away-
I hate J-card day. It was damn bloody crowded in Aeon, couldn't even get a nice parking slot! I'm just not those aunties that squeezed themselves for goods like crazee.. Is those goods that cheap??(was wondering)
Call me for any outing. My holiday is about to over, what a sigh.. I want more and more joy! Kind of wanting to study now but for sure to be missing Klang when I start schooling. and nevertheless I'm just being 'hangat-hangat tahi ayam'..hahaha.
~signing off,
Day by day just passed away..
I better do something meaningful.

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