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Saturday, May 30, 2009

.feel the world.

Ivan ong always fail his planning. Random my butt.. Right susan? haha.
Doink ivan bring me and susan spin the whole Jusco department and buy nothing.. He said we must do marketing research to FEEL THE WORLD! Kill you, feel me!
Eating is more to his passion than mine.. He's really a garbage bin eating everything and his plan is all about

We never come to a nice successful plan before. wtf. It was ages since I last met Elene; pity girl being called out just to MAKAN by the Ong then balik rumah..
Ages plus agessss didn't camwhore with those two silly d! Finally do, and that SS=syok sendiri kept camwhoring in car wearing I don't know what sesat hip-hop style.. She looks like an old tweety bird.. Over-mature but at least better than Ivan acting mature.(saying ownself mature)
...zzz. and Ivan has problem with his driving skill; making people headache.
send me those photos, I wana upload your tweety photo. LOL!
~feel me~

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