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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

.flying bird.

Weeks of holiday gone, Yeahh and Err...............

what comes to my mind now is study.. Back to college starting my Year2 now as a SENIOR. as usual, muahahahaha.......
Alright cut the crap Mr. tee ah chai,
Not intended to blog actually, in fact happiness just arouse inside me. hahaha..

.... because
Third semester's result released today,
congratulate me again wey..=D Not gonna post my result here again.. People in this freaking planet sure say i showing off. Biasalahh me but alright *darryl tee is changing*.. not once in a blue moon.


to dear Mr Ivan Ong and Raymond Tan. Stop copying in the exam hall! Sorry for exposing this matter to the public. Everyone also know d la.. haha. Remember my meal WaiHow and I shall remember mine OngIvan.

continue living,
~wished I can fly like a birdy in the wonderful sky~

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