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Sunday, May 31, 2009



Carried one whole bunch of thick books almost all around the wth huge college.. Thought of finding sum of my mates in library or canteen; so I can passed it to them first.
End up I found NO ONE! Waste my time and energy..@_@

Suckss weyyy;
its all nothing other than trouble.. My hand shivered once I placed those books down.
I couln't even hold a spoon properly... till I need my friend's assist to mix my claypot rice.. LOL.
Anyway just to help out my previous class rep.
That assistant is like err.......doink him.
Ada takda samalahh.... haha. He's gonna chop me into pieces.
Suddenly feel like going to greenbox!
In fact Eileen wanted to go today.. as tomorrow is her b'day. but.... too bad, plan fail!
Don't blame me Eileen, I'm okayy with the plan. just that no one is on with the plan..
You better celebrate with your dearest CanU.. wakakaka..
in CITC now,
~chaoz'ing soon~

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