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Sunday, May 03, 2009

.what could it be more.

Its 2.00am now, as usual I'm still awake as its still very early for my clock. Never gonna doze myself off at the early hour.
I'm like getting bored and really very boring now at home plus my formatted computer isn't functioning well.. Or shall I say its not functioning. It sucks duhh... Used with playing games late at night(late late midnight) but I can't now with this damn freaking computer. After formatted it work worse than before. Sigh if I ever had the money, first of all it gonna be a change for this ninc'mpoop computer. Well all I can do now is just to surf the net, blogging nonsense stuff at my post.

Something just wandering badly around my head now..
The action I feel like doing the most now is to peel the skin of the stupid doink doink unethical human being that changed the internal part of my cellphone as I wanted to repair it. That blackshop gonna get the hell from me. SuckeR!! Will post that damn shop location and name up here together with that moronic doink human face. F*** you, jack ass. Curse your shop close down for being such unethical. How dare he even do charged fee on repairing.
Going to go over tomorrow to find him up to deal with him. Such a people without social responsibility. Give me a reasonable reason before I dip you into hot boiled water.

Never ever bring your computer or cellphone to shop unless someone whom really can be trusted on. We never know one's heart.
Ruined my mood off the day and holiday'ing season.
Could everything just turned to be excellent in this earth? -i don't think so- God please make this world a bit better.

~the cure may be worse than the disease~

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