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Thursday, May 21, 2009

.sayonara all.

Am going back to KL this Sunday. My long holiday should just end right here. Bunch of luggage needed to brought back again, hate it!
Heading to year2 now, and being senior of the next batch. ngek ngek ngekk...

*don't miss me*
& i know no one will.

Around 5weeks I didn't play badminton with my badminton ka'ki d.
Exam period NO badminton, Holiday season NO badminton. What a sigh..
Stupid MPK for not reserving any court for the Yang Maha Mulia me!

No idea whether can I still play when college reopen. Hope so my timetable would be a flexible one.(better be one)
Otherwise, sayonaro ka'ki..

look forward,
~to badminton tomorrow~
*kalau ada lah*

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