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Sunday, June 28, 2009

.pangkor(updated version).

Pangkor island...

lets us start this with saying 'hello to pangkor'..=D

To be precise this is outdated cause its been weeks ago when i went there...
Complain by complain I kept receiving for placing my blog dead. BABI is the word I used to describe those complainer..
Forgotten what date I went Pangkor liao, but one thing I do remember is WaiHow is the one who brought me there.. Thanks rayray.. haha. Anyway he's one of those many babi existed..

Spended two days there.. and I lost my virginity to the Pangkor as it was my first visit to a bitch.. I mean BEACH!
si 'sua pa' me.. beach also didnt go before.

Snapped alot of photos there and these few photos I uploaded is just a small tiny part of everything. i.e a photo represent a sand. how many photo is there? i also dunno.. ruff......
these are few photo of mine, others left it to waihow to post.. Link him at the right of this site..

Copyrighted of my semi-naked photo, don't anyone try to upload this photo to somewhere else.
TangEuYong.. I tell you here.. I know you will do stuff like this. Pay me if you do so. ngekk ngek..

fyi this is WaiHow the old apek...hahaha

i LOVE Pangkor.
i LOVE the beach.
i LOVE the sand.
i LOVE the wave.
i LOVE YOU if you bring me to Redang for my second beach trip. anyone? haha.

An art copied from IvanOng..

bye pangkor.. gonna visit again somehow some time in the future with someone?

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  1. so enjoy~
    whn bring me to beach~~!!

    let travel..