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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


busy busy..
Don't call me out within this week and next.. Am having coursework tomorrow, handling of assignment on friday. and presentation on monday as well as tuesday.
Tuesday and thurday havta hand in another two assignment.
dot dot dot.......

Monday, July 27, 2009


bing banngggg....
thats it.. David just get into an accident yesterday when we planned to hang out for the whole night.
What a pity boy he is.. Banged a motorcyclist and I was sitting right at the front sit..
wth! I saw that motorcyclist flew infront of me... he flew like a rocket landing on the ground but surprisingly no external injuries. internal I tak tau lahh....
sigh my friend has to report at the police station and pay quite an amount of money to compensate the victim. It wasn't his fault actually..
Someone could had avoid this by drving more safely..

Then we continued to enjoy the night with the rest.. Went mountain and mountains.. haha. They enjoyed but i really get bored like hell. plus I'm sleepy cause didn't sleep for the whole night..
Next day English coursework..>suck my ass! I don't know how to do.. farkk..
English language sucks big time this semester!

signing off,
Someone shall learn to drive properly before he cause others into any accident again..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


i miss you!!, therefore you shall treat me eat the next time we meet..haha.
when will you be in klang? lets hang out weyy.... Padini'an yang ku rindui.

do miss me bo ah susan?

shall we miss ah peng because she is not coming back to Klang for her August holiday!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

.when will i turn hardworking?.

whole class kena diao today coz no one did the case study..
when will i turn hardworking?

Sunday, July 12, 2009


MAICSA-TARC students' convention 2009


The Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators(MAICSA).
A convention specially for business admin student with the objective to highlight students'
awareness toward this profession.. Unlike other convention, this gathering is interactive, enjoyable and informative.
This convention also provide students with an insight into the ICSA qualifications and its benefits. We had also learn techniques to develop our self-confidence, communication and interpersonal skills.
Lotsa programs had been organized and successfully held with the cooperation of MAICSA and students. Overall I would rate 8.5/10, if not more because this convention really bring out the best for their target audience. Speeches by CEO of MAICSA and bla blaa blaaa were great plus there are gamesssssss.......
such as walking on ice, pingpong powder, fishing & forming words and again bla bla blaa....
no word other than FUN should I use to describe it.
emm don't know how should I present it. Those who went know better..
it's indeed really interesting with much joy..
we even had our chicken dance. sounded so 'swt'. haha.
Overall there is a total of 260students who attended this convention; subdivided in to 20groups ranging from A to T..
and I'm in the (F)antastic group being the leader..haha.
The (F)antastic ones..
Slight problem with their time management, but they managed to cover up with other programs.
and NO to the food.. we waiting 2hours ++ before we could had our lunch. Peoples were like tigers hunting for food when the foods arrived.

These are the ladies and guys from my class that attended.

the ladies(one is missing)

the guys

DBU students.. not all here and maybe there are those who's not..
Say YES everyone!!

signing off,

future ICSA students

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

.where is my key?.

stuck in house today cause couldn't find my key..


.sportyy baby.

Stayed in college for the whole toot tooOt day yesterday...
Class ended at 2 and thats the time I went pool with my colleagues. and I mean swimming pool. haha.
Swimming maniac of the day>ME, James, C.Hong and Evelyn.
then its badminton time..
There is a competition there but I wasn't participating. Just played a few rounds with my friends and yess we watched the game there..
J.Hao and C.Hong lost in their first game for don't know why... Their opponent wasnt that good and I guessed they were tension as its a competition.. Sorry guys no next year for you unless you keep up with advanced at TARC.
Sighly we lefted the court and head toward basketball court for our next course match there..
I watched watched and watched..... and

DBU lose lose and yes they lost!(again) I wouldn't say no nor say yes... bo rasa to me..=D
play better next time if there will be another match sometimes I don't know when.
reached home around 9o'clock..
time to zZz......

and I wana emphasized here.
show me some respect otherwise fuck off peoples...

will update again soon,
lotsa assignment to catch up
buzz off sucker(s).

Saturday, July 04, 2009


back to klangggg this week.
will not back d next week, sobz havta attend MAICSA seminar... anyone from DBU6 wana attend?? minimum 15 people from class need to attend..

In garry's house now.. playing poker. LOL.
Our ray ray boy kept lost, he gonna treat us already..=)
thanks ray.