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Monday, July 27, 2009


bing banngggg....
thats it.. David just get into an accident yesterday when we planned to hang out for the whole night.
What a pity boy he is.. Banged a motorcyclist and I was sitting right at the front sit..
wth! I saw that motorcyclist flew infront of me... he flew like a rocket landing on the ground but surprisingly no external injuries. internal I tak tau lahh....
sigh my friend has to report at the police station and pay quite an amount of money to compensate the victim. It wasn't his fault actually..
Someone could had avoid this by drving more safely..

Then we continued to enjoy the night with the rest.. Went mountain and mountains.. haha. They enjoyed but i really get bored like hell. plus I'm sleepy cause didn't sleep for the whole night..
Next day English coursework..>suck my ass! I don't know how to do.. farkk..
English language sucks big time this semester!

signing off,
Someone shall learn to drive properly before he cause others into any accident again..

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