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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

.sportyy baby.

Stayed in college for the whole toot tooOt day yesterday...
Class ended at 2 and thats the time I went pool with my colleagues. and I mean swimming pool. haha.
Swimming maniac of the day>ME, James, C.Hong and Evelyn.
then its badminton time..
There is a competition there but I wasn't participating. Just played a few rounds with my friends and yess we watched the game there..
J.Hao and C.Hong lost in their first game for don't know why... Their opponent wasnt that good and I guessed they were tension as its a competition.. Sorry guys no next year for you unless you keep up with advanced at TARC.
Sighly we lefted the court and head toward basketball court for our next course match there..
I watched watched and watched..... and

DBU lose lose and yes they lost!(again) I wouldn't say no nor say yes... bo rasa to me..=D
play better next time if there will be another match sometimes I don't know when.
reached home around 9o'clock..
time to zZz......

and I wana emphasized here.
show me some respect otherwise fuck off peoples...

will update again soon,
lotsa assignment to catch up
buzz off sucker(s).

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