save with me

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


dear TARC student..

our timetable commence for month October is out in the market now..
grab it before out of stock.=D


i am lacking of money.

any sponsorship?

Friday, September 25, 2009


a week of holiday almost pass just like that...
what i managed to do is only to stay at home with my family and hanging with friends.

having fun with badminton today after such long period of not playing... i even met a few friends that i hav not been seeing since the last day of schooling in LaSalle. well i truly miss lasalle..
friends everyday without any worries..

to mr.tanwaihow:
what a shame today;actually its often, his car lack of petrol and get us stuck in the middle of the road.. i duno why, he's tension and get himself to call only weilong for help.
why on earth he wana call weilong only? i'd no idea as well...

indeed, its a good experience for me eventhough i don't want it to happen...
stuck in the middle of the busy road..lmao.

i miss my Dragonica as i can't get to play in klang.. actually dota don't attract much of my attention i'm still a gameholic!

sort of missing my college mates also.. but will not feel like seeing them once i see tham.haha..

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

.say hello MrTan.

MrTan i miss u..
lol am i too silly for dis post?
tml lets go his house..either de gasap back our tuition fees or we treat him..=D

Monday, September 21, 2009

.ehh okkkk.

quikk quikzz..........

whether u concerned or not,
i'm in klang now!!

had abandoned my blog for a long period of time... laziness and addiction to game kills me; stopping me from blogging. moreover i just finished my final.

tough days had gone, new days will begin soon.

now, middle of i duno what night, i just freshed back alot of stuffs.
every single tiny little bits of memories.
couldnt sleep makes me thought back of my poor little bloggie...

life is miserable. study sucks, holiday sucks either.. i dun mean to offend anyone.. thanks to my pal who willing to spend their time hanging out with me.

i duno why.. dis time having myself back in klang, i just feel i miss and i love my family alots... previously i never had dis feeling before. could it because i hadn't be seeing them for months?lol i duno either.

aww what am i crapping here... i shud be sleeping by now and i'm not. god.
any sleeping pills?

ah haa.... i guess i shall off now.
will back to blogging soon. and i hope so..
nightzz peoples in Malaysia.
happy hari raya nyway..

what should i do tml?