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Friday, September 25, 2009


a week of holiday almost pass just like that...
what i managed to do is only to stay at home with my family and hanging with friends.

having fun with badminton today after such long period of not playing... i even met a few friends that i hav not been seeing since the last day of schooling in LaSalle. well i truly miss lasalle..
friends everyday without any worries..

to mr.tanwaihow:
what a shame today;actually its often, his car lack of petrol and get us stuck in the middle of the road.. i duno why, he's tension and get himself to call only weilong for help.
why on earth he wana call weilong only? i'd no idea as well...

indeed, its a good experience for me eventhough i don't want it to happen...
stuck in the middle of the busy road..lmao.

i miss my Dragonica as i can't get to play in klang.. actually dota don't attract much of my attention i'm still a gameholic!

sort of missing my college mates also.. but will not feel like seeing them once i see tham.haha..

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