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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

.thank you peoples.

9th of december, darryl's day of the year. hehe.

thanks to everyone is this freaking wonderland who wishes me for my little birthday...

i think i should not and not necessary to list down every single name here.
some that almost losses contact do even passed by dropping me a wish.

nevertheless to jeannie whom bought me a cake.
here's a look of my cake..

thanks again and i certainly felt glad.. and sumhow i think there is still those who should wish me!! maybe tml since the day just started..=D

wishes everyone stay happie alwiz!

nights for the moment, its time for me to sleep. few hours more to go before my college..
better take a nap now..
me with my typical home-looking look.

saya berambus(copyrighted by Susan Ng)

p/s: special thanks so Susan for her "hard" effort for uploading a photo in fb. heart you (fyi shes my besties,).=D

signing off,
thank you peoples

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