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Sunday, February 28, 2010

.bye cny of 2010.

alright one and two and three...

lets not countdown, lets say bubyeeee to our cny of the year 2010.
once again thanks to those who accompanied and ffk'ed me during dis beloved new year.

my cny ended with my friends i knew from college hanging at my hometown, klang..
we had all wonderful meals along the day, went over every single place and corner of klang and tik-tok,
we Enjoyed!

camera shot is all around us... snap and snapped non-stop.
explored FGS Dong Chan She as well. stucked in the middle of the farrrking traffic all the way there. will upload some photo here if possible.

sorry to others for not able to let you guys join us due to lacking of places to sleep and transport. an apologize here k

one regret is that i'm not able to be at port of klang tonight, the 15th day of cny watching and throwing mandarin oranges there over the port. i bet it would be a merry one there.

happy ending

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

.cny visit.

Out of thought, I managed to go a few visiting with my college mates.
Indeed it really was a joy moment coz i thought after college back reopen cny would just end just like dat.

Of course, out of my expected it didnt end and then,
went David's house for few hours last 2days when there is a break between classes with a whole bunch of ma lat lous'......haha

A sweet visit after David's house ended up going to JiaJun's house yesterday after class since class ended early.
Hanged there for a long couple of hours then went Greenbox. Surprisingly more than 10 mates able to make it this time as most of the time just a few joined the outing activities.
I don't really sing as all males in my class love singing and never let their mics off..

Reaches home on dat day and the clock already shows 11pm. Am so tired but no choice but still havta wash some of my dirty clothes.
God damn it, class of the next day is 8o'clock morning. (p/s: the hating part is everydays' class is in the morning)

One plan after another..
so today we went Lil'cute, JianHao and AhKwan's houses. Unexpectedly the journey of this 3 houses took our whole day; as usual, gamble, wishing GongXiFaCai, happy cny,bla bla and bla bla bla.... , eat and eat and eat, thats all...
enjoyed being with them all, sadly, few weeks more to go before our whole group dismissing.

Thanks to the drivers of the days.
If it was me, dunno whether will i drive whole day like dat. lol.
signing off,
i enjoyed cny this year.

Monday, February 22, 2010


happieeeeeee cny peoples and watever belated wishes there..

back to college after such a long sem break and at flash of eye its last semester already.. countdown of 7weeks more to go before me completing my current course.

i hate timetable, i hate study..
sigh sigh sigh gonna miss my friends here from all over M'sia.

anyone can gimme any ideas on wat else to study after dis?
squeezing my small lil useless brain and i still don't have any idea.

dot dot dot.......
i know my blog is dead coz i'd 4gotten me having a blog haha.
letme ownself write ownself syok.. nothing to update here and its time to say bye bye again...