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Saturday, March 20, 2010

.cameron trip.

Went Cameron Highland few weeks ago with my colleagues for 3days and 2nights.

A total of 18peoples went this trip and it was believed to be the second last trip before the end of our course.
I hereby on behalf of everyone thanks the four drivers of the day who drove us there:
CheeHong, David, JiaJiunn and JianHao. and of course all of us do share for the petrol and toll money..

Cameron was made for relaxation, not really suitable for youngsters(i guess i'm still a youngster) like us. We went in a gang, although its boring, yet we still manage to enjoy our days there doing whatever we wanted to.

Ripley's believe it or not, each of us if don't really make extra spending, our budget made up to only rm100 and there still balances for it lol...

We had our steamboat there which we ate for 3 meal. Bought tons of 'balls' for our steamboat before we went.
It includes fishball, meatball, chickenball, sotongball and I duno wat balls else..
That really saves us a lot.

The beautiful tea farm.

Somewhere where me myself also got no idea where this is already.

Before we depart to pluck STRAWBERRIESSS.......,
here's the group of strawberry lolipop ice-creams eaters.

The waterfall at the half mountain of cameron.
few monkeys posting here.

except the one with red shirt....

and its meeee here with the falling water behind me.

Lastly before ending some group photos here..

We're the DBU6. gimme 6!

Really enjoyed this trip with them. Gonna miss those who not continuing to study in tarc or studying elsewhere after we we graduates.
For those peoples, wish you guys all the best in the road you're taking after this.

We're from the same group forever.

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