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Monday, March 01, 2010

.cook of the day.

cooked for the 3rd times with my colleagues today..

menu of the day was chicken steak by haha..
what i can say, the steak from Carrefour wangsa maju is absolutely fabulous. and of course a good cooker like me cooks well.

david the french fries fryer is the worse human in kitchen i ever seen. it was his first time; if not mistaken, of frying french fries..
guess what....
he fried the fries and its not cooked! omg and then i havta fry it again as no one dared to place those uncooked fries into their mouth. haha.

its lame and funny moment there today.. lets see what menu can we make the next time. toodles!

suggestion box is availabe =D

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