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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

.hall of fame for DBU6.

Everyone in DBU6 is required to comment on every single person in our class..

And here is mine..

SinYee: The most kind-hearted girl I every met in my life. Although your jokes are quite lame sometimes, but you're special and we all likes you. If there were more girls like you then the whole world will be peace without any troubles.

SiongYee: I guess not everyone knew that you're a hardworking person, so I'll spread it over here. One thing I noticed in you is that mentally you're pretty strong as you never give up in your studies.

SiewLi: First girl I met in Tarc and you're like a best friend of mine here. Quite scary sometimes when you threatening people but I know you're a nice girl and you're adorable.

WeanYee: Our big sister here that weren't studying with us already. Yet. you left good memories with us and you're a nice friend.

Eileen: My little daughter of all time that is charming and never show anger to anyone. And very nice to people with the way you talks. We all wanted to see you being the first to marry in our class.

Evelyn: My good sister who never fails to help peoples in need. Very independent in the sense that you work hard to achieve what you want and I see success face in your future.

Felicia: Sometimes acted very childish and sometimes mature. Rather join your outside activities than joining us most of the time. But you're one having a high spirit of DBU6.

Joy: Cute and chubby little big ah joy. Very cheerful, always show your sweet charming smile no matter where you are and who you face. I will never forget that you ever called me coffin.

Julia: You're not stupid o. If anyone else were to call you stupid, tell me and I'll kick his ass. We will all miss you since you're not studying with us already. Wish you all the best no matter where you are. And thanks for entertaining me all the while.

PearLing: Our ex-person in charge in our class where everyone obeys. A friendly and cute friend that no ain't studying with us any longer. After since you left us, I've got one less person to play with in college cause to me you're nice.

Kuan: Coolest person in the whole class. Never really get much contact with you but to me, you're more to silent type and will give surprises out of a sudden.

JianHao: Top one handsome among all boys in DBU6. Likes to tell jokes and entertain peoples around. Not calculative and willing to help others without hoping of return.

ChiHou: Always the little cute in everyone's mind. Although you looks small in size but you never will let yourself get bullied. And never on ground give up whenever you face difficulties.

PoiKin: You're charming but in term of cursing you're of number one. We always quarrel but we don't mean to as we're only playing a fool around and entertaining peoples. Of course, it's a great moment we all had in cooking.

JiaJiunn: Game never goes apart from you no matter where you are. The excuses that you used to use sounded quite lame to me but you're of good deed. I do join everyone claiming that you're a sohai, however, you're not one.

YeHern: A person with good manner that likes to joke and playful all the while. And sporty as you're able to play most of the sports I guessed.

ShirTheng: Unpredicted and weird girl I ever encounter in my life. Yet, very unique in a sense of the feeling you gave to everyone of us because you are who you are which makes you fantastic.

SzeEng: It had been such a long period since we last met. Yet, no worries as all of us still remember you as a part of us. Hope you're doing great in marketing.

HongYu: Sometimes you're being negative as you like to follow your feelings without noticing things around. But on the other hand, your actions on day-to-day basis never failed to tell people that you're adorable.

ChiaSin: I guess you like to hang out with friends because almost all outings you'll participate. In future, I bet you'll be a good housewife. Don't ask me why, I just feel so.

KheXin: Cool and spicy girl that only show your face once in a blue moon in college due to your absenteeism. You're another person that will call me with extraordinary name, Jack.

David: Seriously you looks cute to me. A very playful and cheer guy. Love tickling your stomach which makes you looks cuter. Glad knowing you and must remember me when you're away from Tarc cause we're brothers right.

ChongTeng: Although you mouth isn't that polite sometimes, but you're a good friend I believe. We all knew that you're a smart person with good thinking, just that previously you're not showing it out.

CheeHong: Very talented in a lot of sense. Hated you to the max when you started joining DBU6, but as time passes I get to communicate well with you and find you nice being a friend of mine with your stunning jokes.

ChunYong: My goof friend of all time that used to hang out with me all the time. After since you changed your course, so seldom we get to meet up. Whether anything changed or not, I hope we remain good friends as always.

ZhiWei: Very polite in interacting with people. I believe everyone feel comfortble speaking to you due to your good attitude.

Darryl: I'm the best right?

HoePhek: A person with good English language but seldom communicates with us. Whether of not we understand you, we are all friends.

Paris: We all missed you since after you left DBU. You're a good person with good attitudes. Hope we will get to meet more often in college.

ChoonYoon: A smart boy in nature but you haven't fully utilise it yet. You don't just blindly do things that you think is right and try thinking outside the box would make you a better person in life.

SiokLuaan: Always get bullied by us, but hope you knew that we're just having fun together and no harm alright.

Gonna miss every single person in class if one day we all were to be apart.
We all still remains friends forever and every memories planted in our mind will never fade..

*comments copyrighted by Darryl Tee*

signing off,
cheer for DBU6


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