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Monday, March 22, 2010

.a good or slack guard?.

As usual went college today..

Worn slipper to college and so unfortunately I was caught by the security guard at the main gate of college..
The female guard stopped me and asked me to enter the guard house to take some action maybe.. Few seconds after, another guard, a male one approaches me asking me reasons for me wearing slipper to college.

Sorry and of course I lied and I said I left my shoes at my hometown.

The guard replied: Kasut basah?
once again I said I left my shoes forgetting to bring back..
He asked me again 'Kasut basah'? *while blinking his right eyes*
Then I realized he wanted to let me go by purpose.. I'm not stupid right.. So I replied 'Ya..ya.kasut basah'.

And alright things settled, went off.. Then another guard approach that particular guard asked him why letting me go..
That bloody nincampoop guard shouted saying 'Kaki sakit kan'; different reason this time... I said YA and went far far away after that...

Isn't this guard useless? Although he let me off, but still slacked and very irresponsible.
Imagine something goes wrong, he might be the first to run. No offend to others ya.
Haha... Just a little share here.

Anyway after class today went swimming again with my beloved friends and had our dinner together.

Time to study for Wednesday's test.. Sayonara.

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  1. the guard so help u but give u say he not responblty~yen wong lo~