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Saturday, April 17, 2010

.last trip for diploma.

14th of April
Last day of exam and officially I'm graduating since I'm not failing any subject..

Bye bloody exams, never fails to make life miserable.

Times to take a chill pill and take a break. Kit kat!
Went Genting Highlands with colleagues after that.. Went by bus and cable car. Should I say luckily Genting Highlands ain't that far from our college.. Took us only some short time to reach there.

Well 17 person turned up for this trip, in which include SiewLi's mum.. Its been so randomly to get her mum to tag along with us.. She's from Terengganu and happens to drop by KL visiting her beloved daugther here.

Those who didn't manage to make it, then too bad..
Although its just a 2days 1night trip, as usual no failure to bring joy to us..
A few of them ain't furthering their studies with us anymore, hope there will be another trip together again..

Celebrated ChoonYoon's birthday on the second day..
Here are some random group photos we took.

everyone from my class that went.

the females.

the males

left to right from eldest to youngest =)

Peoples guess what happened during the midnight when everyone is sleeping.. The door of our room was knock for few hundreds of times repeatedly every interval of time.
We made some investigation and it doesn't any sign it was caused by man-beings..
Those whom stayed awake due to the disruption was kinda scared and pissed by the knocking..
Although, we see nothing and I guess that is a good sign..

Well, who cares right?
I'll still be going Genting without fearing till I really met one... lmao..

Eagerness to reach age 21 so that I can enter casino already planted in me.. Rawr

Darryl @ Genting

Missing my memories in Diploma..
All I can say, this is life. Things come and goes in a blink of eye..

Looking forward to challenges in life!
signing off,
Memories planted will remains forever

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