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Monday, May 31, 2010

.cafe'holic every week.

Guys. I decided not to attend the Japanese language class d.. Due to some personal matter.

Went to a cafe which I myself ain't aware of its name with my favourite same old time gang.
Planned to outing every monday since PoiKin could catch up with us after our class. Btw, she transferred to different course d.

Meanwhile eating me and ShirTheng learned some basic Japanese words from our "japanese" girl there. It was fun when it goes to all those 'yellow yellow' thingy.
haha you know what I mean when it goes to Japanese words.
Watch more 'video' and gain some knowledge if you don't know what I meant.

Its been so long I didnt upload any photos.
I wish I'd got a cellphone with good cameras. Dudes and babes outside there.. This item is in my wishlist, get me one for my upcoming b'day kay.. =)

this is how the place looks like.

me and shirtheng

siewli and poikin

And its time for some introduction of the foods we had. Match those foods to the individuals. haha.

curry meehoon

sweet and sour chicky chop.. not chicky Shop

kuetiau boat

Tang ta dang...





At the end, everything looks like ....
the end result of the experiment.

I'm really broke now! lol..
Anyway thanks again to all these babes for their wonderful time.

Sometimes its nice to have people to fetch us around. =p
signing off,
We're always the same old gang

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Jun 2010 is making a big big hole on my pocket!
Everything is coming one shot.

Havta pay my college fees which dont cost little although kinda low compared to others.
Rental fees of 3months which includes deposit for this house. Guess its better to sleep roadside?
And I'm learning japanese language. Well no idea whether its for personal interest or self-actualization.. haha. No comments or complains is allowed!
Pay this and pay that... and blah blahh...... every single cents counts for me now.

Great.. Any ATM people around?
Not the ATM in banks cause I've got nothing to withdraw at all.

Beware of darryl stealing $ around..
( Wish I dare, but of course not gonna do this. )

signing off,
broke, pokai

Thursday, May 27, 2010

.bad min ton.

My favourite sport, badminton again but this time its at the college hall.
I realised badminton sounded like wanton.

Seriously I realised I'm a big piece of noob in this game. Wanted to sharpen my skills but how? Any pro willing to train me.. Those really pro only admit kay or else buzz off. hahaha..

My stunning smash is real great and fantastic till my pants almost turn into two. Don't laugh wey.. However luckily there is two strings there. One fell off and another remains there.

Mum I need your help to sew it back for me! aww.... or any girls wana help me out? =P

buzzing off,
I need more training!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Its boring and lonely ahead of my life..

Am trying to fill up my time when I'm too free. Back from college early today, online for a moment and receive notice that my sum of my colleagues staying nearby college are going to have their dinner tonight. Surprisingly I agreed with my friends that I'll be catching up with them as well..

Took a short nap meanwhile waiting for time to pass.

Time passed like how light travels when I were asleep. How pig am I wey.. haha.

Took a bus and I reached college in a minute time. Thought there aint gonna be bus moving so frequently, but god knows I'm travelling, so a bus was arranged JIT(just in time *management term we learnt and shall we apply it.*) specially for me..
Too bad I reached much early than the time fixed.

Hang like a stupid boy in college alone. How pathetic am I..

Dinner time at mamak stall that I weren't aware of its existence for my whole 2 years back in college. Mamak seems fine with me. Chit chat along the way, ignoring those lousy foods.
Without noticing the day is getting dark and full moon started to appear above my head. Then took a bus back again to my house..

My journey of the day.. I'm really lost in the middle of no where. Crap man, I'm too free, and btw its my first time going to college for just a dinner.
Indeed it was interesting chatting with my colleagues. I like them as usual. Sharing thought together, having joy together and etc. etc.

Before I end, OMG I'm writing a diary here.. Crap crap crapp...

p/s: aspire to inspire before we expire. good phrase I learnt today in college. anyone here feel free to check out its meaning and try applying it in your daily life.

signing off,
call me for whatever plan available =P

Saturday, May 22, 2010

.i love myself.

My friend was jungle trekking and he found this:

Opss sorry i mean blog trekking... thanks to that moron who is too free haha.

Since there ain't any copyright logo, I'll used it over in my post.. Too random, too free. adios

p/s: I Darryl. love darryl, love me. =)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

.college rumble.

2 years of diploma passed in a blink of eye.
Holiday ended and am going back to KL to rumble my college.

Will be pursuing to the very first day of my advanced diploma tomorrow.
Its gonna be a long tough road ahead, unlike diploma.. Hoping myself would be able to catch up with all my studies..

Thorough conflict happens in my beloved class and there are those colleagues who is changing classes, furthering their studies at other colleges, and even those who already decided to exposed themselves society now by working.

Life is full with miracles and changes.
Can I choose not to exposed to changes?*don't think so for the current 21th century.*

signing off,
Life is tough like a sucker!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

.holiday big time sucker.

Rusting during holiday!

Planning for something meaningful.. Anyone gimme some hints what can I do?

holiday big time sucker.