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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Its boring and lonely ahead of my life..

Am trying to fill up my time when I'm too free. Back from college early today, online for a moment and receive notice that my sum of my colleagues staying nearby college are going to have their dinner tonight. Surprisingly I agreed with my friends that I'll be catching up with them as well..

Took a short nap meanwhile waiting for time to pass.

Time passed like how light travels when I were asleep. How pig am I wey.. haha.

Took a bus and I reached college in a minute time. Thought there aint gonna be bus moving so frequently, but god knows I'm travelling, so a bus was arranged JIT(just in time *management term we learnt and shall we apply it.*) specially for me..
Too bad I reached much early than the time fixed.

Hang like a stupid boy in college alone. How pathetic am I..

Dinner time at mamak stall that I weren't aware of its existence for my whole 2 years back in college. Mamak seems fine with me. Chit chat along the way, ignoring those lousy foods.
Without noticing the day is getting dark and full moon started to appear above my head. Then took a bus back again to my house..

My journey of the day.. I'm really lost in the middle of no where. Crap man, I'm too free, and btw its my first time going to college for just a dinner.
Indeed it was interesting chatting with my colleagues. I like them as usual. Sharing thought together, having joy together and etc. etc.

Before I end, OMG I'm writing a diary here.. Crap crap crapp...

p/s: aspire to inspire before we expire. good phrase I learnt today in college. anyone here feel free to check out its meaning and try applying it in your daily life.

signing off,
call me for whatever plan available =P

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