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Monday, May 31, 2010

.cafe'holic every week.

Guys. I decided not to attend the Japanese language class d.. Due to some personal matter.

Went to a cafe which I myself ain't aware of its name with my favourite same old time gang.
Planned to outing every monday since PoiKin could catch up with us after our class. Btw, she transferred to different course d.

Meanwhile eating me and ShirTheng learned some basic Japanese words from our "japanese" girl there. It was fun when it goes to all those 'yellow yellow' thingy.
haha you know what I mean when it goes to Japanese words.
Watch more 'video' and gain some knowledge if you don't know what I meant.

Its been so long I didnt upload any photos.
I wish I'd got a cellphone with good cameras. Dudes and babes outside there.. This item is in my wishlist, get me one for my upcoming b'day kay.. =)

this is how the place looks like.

me and shirtheng

siewli and poikin

And its time for some introduction of the foods we had. Match those foods to the individuals. haha.

curry meehoon

sweet and sour chicky chop.. not chicky Shop

kuetiau boat

Tang ta dang...





At the end, everything looks like ....
the end result of the experiment.

I'm really broke now! lol..
Anyway thanks again to all these babes for their wonderful time.

Sometimes its nice to have people to fetch us around. =p
signing off,
We're always the same old gang

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