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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Woke up early 5.30 in the morning.
Reached college around 6 plus, started to queued up for the PTPTN thingy. The sky was still dark and there are about a hundred people already.
Imagine coming some hour later.

Something goes wrong with my documents and I'd done something to it in order to return it to the right condition.
I don't think its illegal although it might be. By the point of time, I don't give a damn to anything and everything whose gonna be obstacles for me to obtain the loan.

Over already and feeling good now.
So, not going to tell anything here. haha.

Luckily everything goes alright and it'd been approved already. Thank god!

Finally I can peacefully had my brunch, and the clock already shows 12, by that time I'm freaking hungry. So, ordered nasi lemak tambah nasi kao kaoo! lol.

Stupiak PTPTN please send me $ A.S.A.P.!

Monday, June 21, 2010


good luck to the rest whom are having their roleplay.

Will be making my PTPTN procedures early morning tomorrow. Hope I don't get screwed up..


I need the loan for anything and everything. Money matters every single thing!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

.meeting roleplay.

Was having roleplay regard to conducting a meeting for the subject AELE4163 English for Management.

Cracked my head and soul figuring the contents of the script. It was a tough job as the roleplay havta be around 20minutes.
Well, by hook or by crook the script is all done. Although not that good compared to others, at least I'm satisfy with the end-result.

And now, sigh the roleplay ended.
Tiring preparing everything but overall it was fun having assignments like this. At least we had a picture how a meeting looks like although in reality it would be something different.

Here is the 2 groups that presented one the very first day. They broke the ice by being the first!

The group of the handsomes, the 5M. aw I should be in there.

The group of 4M 1F
M for male
F for female

Meanwhile their roleplay was going on, this is what happenned.

A monkey and a dinosaur appear in the class. HAHAHA! sorry Joy for posting this silly looked photo.
We're cute, ain't we? Dare you say NO? :)

Day two was the presentation of the group below.

The group of 4F 1M

And also my group. Thanks to GraceYee for recording my group's roleplay on the day. Holding the handphone for 20minutes ain't easy. haha. not uploading the video here.

Too bad no photo of ours when we were conducting our meeting. Infact, I asked Grace to snap photos, and she tooked video. Buuu........ for her and thankyou on the other hand. :)

I still got something not so formal about my group.

Its me here, the Chairperson of the day!

And as usual the LOA person, the Felicia.
fyi LOA stands for lack of attention. :)

ShirTheng and I

Me and Felicia

Didn't manage to snap personally with others, my apology here.
Not forgetting, sorry to the last group that will be presenting the day after tomorrow. You guys are skipped in my blog for this post, timing bo ngam haha.

Would say WELL DONE to every group for their efforts. and the best for the remained one group.
and haha, time for me to raise my tail, so far I'd got the highest mark in my class.*beat me the last group alright*

Before ending, I present the photos of my group.

Let me introduce my charming group mates. In case 'you' are interested with any, let me know. :)
Moving from right to left is SiewLi, PeyYee, ShirTheng, Felicia and the very me, Darryl.

I do enjoyed working out with this group of peoples.

Byeee people. I hereby adjourned the post here.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Were assigned by MsChin to present the management theories in the lecture hall.
And fyi, its not 10 20 peoples. There is about 200peoples there..

I was a lucky ass I guess to get chosen.

Anyway, was relieved now since its done already. Would wish for another one in future! I was stressed out, but I seriously enjoyed holding the microphone presenting.
Although my hand was abit shivering, at least my voice don't shiver this time. And managed to speak slowly as I always rush like bullet train during presentation.

What makes me glad is what my colleagues appraised me. Even the one who don't praise people said "Well done"!
I'm not raising my tail, just feeling glad I didn't do so badly. Otherwise I'm gonna embarrassed myself. haha.

Should I or should I not thanks MsChin for giving me opportunity?

Well, I should! THANKYOU MsChin! LOL.

Tomorrow will be conducting my role play for meeting. Wish me goodluck again! Chaoz.
signing off,
but please don't give me surprise the next day

Sunday, June 13, 2010

.cabin untuk perempuan shj.

News: The middle cabin of ktm is now made available for females only. *read newspaper fyi*

Went into the female-made cabin noon just now. I looks so odd in there but I don't give a stupid damn coz it is f***ing crowded on the other two cabin.
Since it is made for females only, why do I see so many females on the other two cabin when there is still so much space available in the middle.
Don't tell me you ladies wanted to seek for a guy there to be your partner for the rest of your life.

God care but I don't care. I sat there so comfortably without having to squeeze myself with the crowd on the other side.
Well, I don't think I am wrong being in the cabin since seriously there is still couple of seats available.

Look at me like an alien and who cares, you won't be seeing me for the rest of your life.
The cabin made for female for good but some tends to look at guys like : haha i got seats here and you have to squeeze your ass there.

Once a freaked-out malay lady look at me semacam when I was standing at the middle of the platform before train arrives and for god sake, I was talking to a friend of mine. Guess what, that lady then turned to me, saying: cabin tengah ni untuk perempuan sahaja lahhh.

Wtfbbq is wrong with her! Feel like slapping her face 10times.

One more complain, I sees husband bringing their kids over to the female cabin, hand his child over to the mother and went back to the other cabin. It is so unconvenient.
and yes I know it's for female, but please smack some sense into your brain for the benefit of the crowd and not for your own sake.

Just treat me like a female or take it I don't know how to read the label cause I'm BLIND!

upgrade or come out with better policy.

signing off,
make the train come more often or extend that freaky 'short' train

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Thanks ShirTheng for your encouragement :)

I'll take it personally as an encouragement although you did say nothing.

Am stressing out to the max now. Will update something when I'm all done with every single thing that is bothering me now.

Till then, wish me luck of all! toodles.