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Sunday, June 13, 2010

.cabin untuk perempuan shj.

News: The middle cabin of ktm is now made available for females only. *read newspaper fyi*

Went into the female-made cabin noon just now. I looks so odd in there but I don't give a stupid damn coz it is f***ing crowded on the other two cabin.
Since it is made for females only, why do I see so many females on the other two cabin when there is still so much space available in the middle.
Don't tell me you ladies wanted to seek for a guy there to be your partner for the rest of your life.

God care but I don't care. I sat there so comfortably without having to squeeze myself with the crowd on the other side.
Well, I don't think I am wrong being in the cabin since seriously there is still couple of seats available.

Look at me like an alien and who cares, you won't be seeing me for the rest of your life.
The cabin made for female for good but some tends to look at guys like : haha i got seats here and you have to squeeze your ass there.

Once a freaked-out malay lady look at me semacam when I was standing at the middle of the platform before train arrives and for god sake, I was talking to a friend of mine. Guess what, that lady then turned to me, saying: cabin tengah ni untuk perempuan sahaja lahhh.

Wtfbbq is wrong with her! Feel like slapping her face 10times.

One more complain, I sees husband bringing their kids over to the female cabin, hand his child over to the mother and went back to the other cabin. It is so unconvenient.
and yes I know it's for female, but please smack some sense into your brain for the benefit of the crowd and not for your own sake.

Just treat me like a female or take it I don't know how to read the label cause I'm BLIND!

upgrade or come out with better policy.

signing off,
make the train come more often or extend that freaky 'short' train

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