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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Were assigned by MsChin to present the management theories in the lecture hall.
And fyi, its not 10 20 peoples. There is about 200peoples there..

I was a lucky ass I guess to get chosen.

Anyway, was relieved now since its done already. Would wish for another one in future! I was stressed out, but I seriously enjoyed holding the microphone presenting.
Although my hand was abit shivering, at least my voice don't shiver this time. And managed to speak slowly as I always rush like bullet train during presentation.

What makes me glad is what my colleagues appraised me. Even the one who don't praise people said "Well done"!
I'm not raising my tail, just feeling glad I didn't do so badly. Otherwise I'm gonna embarrassed myself. haha.

Should I or should I not thanks MsChin for giving me opportunity?

Well, I should! THANKYOU MsChin! LOL.

Tomorrow will be conducting my role play for meeting. Wish me goodluck again! Chaoz.
signing off,
but please don't give me surprise the next day

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