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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Woke up early 5.30 in the morning.
Reached college around 6 plus, started to queued up for the PTPTN thingy. The sky was still dark and there are about a hundred people already.
Imagine coming some hour later.

Something goes wrong with my documents and I'd done something to it in order to return it to the right condition.
I don't think its illegal although it might be. By the point of time, I don't give a damn to anything and everything whose gonna be obstacles for me to obtain the loan.

Over already and feeling good now.
So, not going to tell anything here. haha.

Luckily everything goes alright and it'd been approved already. Thank god!

Finally I can peacefully had my brunch, and the clock already shows 12, by that time I'm freaking hungry. So, ordered nasi lemak tambah nasi kao kaoo! lol.

Stupiak PTPTN please send me $ A.S.A.P.!


  1. hw cum i din c u??!!
    i reach at 5am dy!! hahaha!!

  2. 5am so early?? lol craziiieeee how u go wor. u surely first person to be there HAHA!
    btw mine is tuesday wor, urs shud be diff day.. and i saw u JUST NOW. :)