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Thursday, July 29, 2010

.miss you.

I heart my family a lot..

Time fled in a blink, everything passed and changed without me noticing.
Been away from home so long already, tendency to miss my family gone deeper and deepen already.

My brothers and sisters had all grown up. Time to open wide my hand letting them move freely and exposed more to this world.

and am gonna out working for the society soon; time to serve back my family. (:

signing off,
time is valuable, non-revertible.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

.toy's fair.

Malaysia International Toy's Fair at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre Hall 2, Mid Valley Megamall Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 24th of July
was attended by the most welcomed guess, ME! weee :)

Went there with WhayLyn and two of her bros, accompanied by a few game (Dragonica) players. It was our very first time outing, meeting each other personally other than in game is AWESOME all I can say! feeling awkward but ended up we made good jokes and laughs.

There wasn't anything much in the toy fair; the only thing is this... weee :)

2 of my babes :)
, i wished i got any :(

Some random photos of the toys I took,
this event ain't my type. Those peoples whom likes anime should attend.. Today would be the last day.

a smth smth trying to eat its own tail

kawaii des

and this is JOY! from my class fyi :)

no idea whats this

and this is to be dedicated to hokith


Was suppose to stay at home studying for next week's presentation, but ended up hanging outing till midnight. and thanks to WhayLyn i have to travel to Midvalley alone go and reach back sharp 12.
Unfortunately, I'm not kidnapped, otherwise, I got reasons to put the blame on her.

Let me not talk much, again it comes, photos speaks a million words.

this is what connects us >> Dragonica!

mintyle, furfer, and love

vege, andox and yaze

Okey cut the crap back to reality.

me and my beloved hokith

my another belove lyn and tiffany

that doll looks sad in your hand Lyn


cutie lil Poporings!

the only group photo with some missing

The me that often do something silly and embarrassing.

The Rm50 photos of the day.
Perverted-pervert >>>>> jang jang jang....

curi ayam

sudah curi :)

HAHAHAHA! No choice but to touch something that is not real cause no real thing for me to touch haha.

And thanks guys and ladies, really do have fun yesterday.
Lets meet again some time later on.
signing off,
DRAGONICA - connecting people :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

.official presentation.

Here are those musketeers that had their official presentation 2 days ago during lecture hall for COM..
some weren't here in the photos.

They all had done an awesome preparation and presentation. I bet these peoples are famous in our course already. lmao.

And these four are the presenters from my class.

ChoonKeat, CheeHong, CheeSeng and ChoonTeik

I could bet that it was fun presenting in front of crowds.

The fears, the tensions is all amazing!

I swear upon myself that I'll do better in my presentations, in order to keep on track with every capable people around me.
Being a secretary, firstly all I have to do is to build a strong ground within myself.

1 more presentation and 2 more test to go, then prepared for FINAL!
Let the battle begin, get prepared peoples.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

.need inspiration.

2 more presentations and 2 tests to be completed by next week..
Its killing my nerves!

Will be presenting the impact of fast-food towards society.
And this will be my inspiration! (:

small lil boss

And to CheeHong, CheeSeng, ChoonTeik, and ChoonKeat; a.k.a. the chee and the choons', all the best in your official lecture hall presentation tomorrow..

Make Group6 proud alright!
don't shame me HAHAHA..

and anyone wana take over the class rep post? *resigning*

signing off,
aggression means progression

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Am i that pathetic?

Having to eat two rolls of bread with plain dough and two tasteless sausage each respectively for my breakfast. In which is killing my stomach.

Headache for the whole day and also thanks to the "beloved" lecturer for not asking me to present when I actually prepared to do so.
Rushed back after class and came back took a real long nap till I can't feel my receptors now.

Woke up and porridge for dinner.

Sigh what more could I expect since I'm sick.

Do enjoyed in the sick mode now actually since cause I'm like semi-conscious. haha.

One more thing, I feel so lonely here night by night.
Could I get someone lovely to accompany me to shine my life like a peacock? I know it is not possible.

doctors are robotic and don't fall sick?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

.i'm sick.

Officially sick like a dead chicken now.

red eye,
whole body weak like a bamboo! :(

I don't need doctor, I need more rest!

But having insufficient time as my hours were all junked with stuffs to do.
Seriously I can't afford to fall sick at this point of time, otherwise I'm gonna die in an ugly manner.

Sigh, back to rest now. Bye Bye people!

Wish me luck again, having another lecture hall presentation and test tomorrow.

M'sia SUCKS!
I'm migrating to Australia soon. toodles.
signing off,
where is my soul?

Monday, July 12, 2010

.look out point.

My blog ain't officially dead cause I'm back, for now.

Am so stressed-out with college life, full with assignments and presentation.
Week by week there would be something to keep me busy..

Been missing my family and friends at Klang; since almost one month I stayed at KL already. I need to date every single friends of mine cause I owe a lot people a lot of outing and dating. HAHA!

Feeling slightly relived now since some assignments are done.
Preparing myself to fight my final examination now. Roar!, never will let Advanced beat me down although things really gone tough.. Even ever thought of withdrawing, but no challenge means no success! :)

2 days ago, so randomly 2 friends of mine came about to KL for a visit. One good friend from Batu Pahat, Johor and another from Kuantan, Pahang; purposely come
back here few days then travel back. Sweet isn't it?

Well gotta thanks to ZhiWei for organizing the outing. I mean contacting everyone, cause you come out with no plan which means plan failed! haha.

Everyone gathered at the front gate of college. and sorry to those who waited all those slackers that make you guys waited so long. I'm one of them!

Departed to Sungai Wang for a random lunch at T-bowl restaurant, so called the 'shit' restaurant. Its all decorated and served with things related to things you and me can found in a normal toilet! hiak hiak, in fact see also no mood eat already.

And what real shit is the foods which comes only in such a dingy small quantity

the restaurant




and yucks :)

Before that sorry for the no much photo shooting as we sat at 3 different table due to lacking of slots for 16 of us.

And hell yeah after lunch, no plan and no where to go.
So we hang a while at Times Square while figuring where should we head to.

Julia the HoHo

HiHi, HoHo and Huhu

Darryl Hoho Huhu

Ignore the hoho and huhu thingy. I'm out of my mind..

Went Ampang "Look Out Point" for dinner,
in case you don't know it is 50m above sea-level. I bet my estimation is totally out. :)

The Look Out Point

Pictures speak a thousand words.

I know its all junked with photos, really lazy already. Blogging mood haven't back yet.
Apology again for the those dull photo again. The camera has good quality but ended up snapped result shows otherwise..

So long since the last hang out with them. fyi, a few here was new to our class..
No longer DBU, we're all apart of ABM now.

Thou, we still enjoy a lot together as friends.. Strike One Malaysia off, up One DBU! opsss. :)

signing off,
unity we go