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Monday, July 12, 2010

.look out point.

My blog ain't officially dead cause I'm back, for now.

Am so stressed-out with college life, full with assignments and presentation.
Week by week there would be something to keep me busy..

Been missing my family and friends at Klang; since almost one month I stayed at KL already. I need to date every single friends of mine cause I owe a lot people a lot of outing and dating. HAHA!

Feeling slightly relived now since some assignments are done.
Preparing myself to fight my final examination now. Roar!, never will let Advanced beat me down although things really gone tough.. Even ever thought of withdrawing, but no challenge means no success! :)

2 days ago, so randomly 2 friends of mine came about to KL for a visit. One good friend from Batu Pahat, Johor and another from Kuantan, Pahang; purposely come
back here few days then travel back. Sweet isn't it?

Well gotta thanks to ZhiWei for organizing the outing. I mean contacting everyone, cause you come out with no plan which means plan failed! haha.

Everyone gathered at the front gate of college. and sorry to those who waited all those slackers that make you guys waited so long. I'm one of them!

Departed to Sungai Wang for a random lunch at T-bowl restaurant, so called the 'shit' restaurant. Its all decorated and served with things related to things you and me can found in a normal toilet! hiak hiak, in fact see also no mood eat already.

And what real shit is the foods which comes only in such a dingy small quantity

the restaurant




and yucks :)

Before that sorry for the no much photo shooting as we sat at 3 different table due to lacking of slots for 16 of us.

And hell yeah after lunch, no plan and no where to go.
So we hang a while at Times Square while figuring where should we head to.

Julia the HoHo

HiHi, HoHo and Huhu

Darryl Hoho Huhu

Ignore the hoho and huhu thingy. I'm out of my mind..

Went Ampang "Look Out Point" for dinner,
in case you don't know it is 50m above sea-level. I bet my estimation is totally out. :)

The Look Out Point

Pictures speak a thousand words.

I know its all junked with photos, really lazy already. Blogging mood haven't back yet.
Apology again for the those dull photo again. The camera has good quality but ended up snapped result shows otherwise..

So long since the last hang out with them. fyi, a few here was new to our class..
No longer DBU, we're all apart of ABM now.

Thou, we still enjoy a lot together as friends.. Strike One Malaysia off, up One DBU! opsss. :)

signing off,
unity we go

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