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Thursday, July 22, 2010

.official presentation.

Here are those musketeers that had their official presentation 2 days ago during lecture hall for COM..
some weren't here in the photos.

They all had done an awesome preparation and presentation. I bet these peoples are famous in our course already. lmao.

And these four are the presenters from my class.

ChoonKeat, CheeHong, CheeSeng and ChoonTeik

I could bet that it was fun presenting in front of crowds.

The fears, the tensions is all amazing!

I swear upon myself that I'll do better in my presentations, in order to keep on track with every capable people around me.
Being a secretary, firstly all I have to do is to build a strong ground within myself.

1 more presentation and 2 more test to go, then prepared for FINAL!
Let the battle begin, get prepared peoples.

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