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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Am i that pathetic?

Having to eat two rolls of bread with plain dough and two tasteless sausage each respectively for my breakfast. In which is killing my stomach.

Headache for the whole day and also thanks to the "beloved" lecturer for not asking me to present when I actually prepared to do so.
Rushed back after class and came back took a real long nap till I can't feel my receptors now.

Woke up and porridge for dinner.

Sigh what more could I expect since I'm sick.

Do enjoyed in the sick mode now actually since cause I'm like semi-conscious. haha.

One more thing, I feel so lonely here night by night.
Could I get someone lovely to accompany me to shine my life like a peacock? I know it is not possible.

doctors are robotic and don't fall sick?

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